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MOBOX Updates Community on Real NFTs and Christmas Event

MOBOX users have been given information regarding upcoming MOMOs and the highly anticipated holiday event.

PlaytoEarn Project Reaches out to Community

MOBOX have outlined important adjustments regarding the upcoming NFT release. 

Rare and epic MOMO limit has been adjusted alongside several other noteworthy alterations implemented by the team and are listed below. 

“As the platform continues to on-board new users and grow, the team continues to adapt and adjust to support a growing user base to ensure long-term sustainability," the team announced via their official site on December 15th. 

All updates are set to go through by December 23rd with MOBOX bringing Binance Smart Chain users an early holiday prize.


MOMO Updates

The changes will implement the following important adjustments:

  • The Rare and Epic MOMO limit will be adjusted, this will effect only newly released MOMOs: Rare MOMOs are altered from 200 to 600 andEpic MOMOs are altered from 50 to 150
  • The Hash Power of MOMOs will see adjustments on a monthly basis, again this only regards newly minted MOMOs. You can view what the precise Hash Power adjustments entail here
  • MDX Box Lottery event will now be removed, with users advised to claim and open their MDX lottery box as soon as possible.

Christmas Event Updates

The Christmas event will last for 14 days, with four ways to participate in the ‘Lucky Wheel’ underlined below.

  • Open BOX or Chest. Every time a player opens 1 BOX or 1 Chest, they will gain 1 Lucky Wheel attempt. 
  • Upgrade MOMOs. Every MOMO that is upgraded will enjoy a 50% chance of gaining 1 Lucky Wheel attempt.
  • Enhance MOMOs. When MOMOs are enhanced the probability of gaining a Lucky Wheel attempt also rises. 
  • NFT Marketplace: all trades in the market (MOMO, BOX, MEC BOX, MEC, GEM, MOMO LENDING), the probability of receiving 1 Lucky Wheel attempt rises by every 500BUSD used.
  • 500 Lucky Wheel attempts can be won by every single address during the Christmas Event 
  • The Lucky Wheel will see ten different rewards made available to users. 

With these latest adjustments and informative tidbits released by MOBOX, there is reason to be excited for users who will be hoping to make the most of this period. 

What is MOBOX

MOBOX is a GameFi platform that utilizes blockchain technology to reward the players that engage with and enjoy interacting within their Momoverse. MOBOX has a lot more game modes players can interact with and participate in apart from the Block Brawler. 

NFT farmer allows the staking of MBOX and BNB LPs in order to farm MBOX tokens. Token Master is a turn-based idle coin collection game with three Momos to compete with other players. Features in development and coming soon are a cross-blockchain and platform idle RPG game called ChainZArena, and an immersive land gameplay called MOland.

Learn more about MOBOX by reading their whitepaper.

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