Mind Music Begins Week of Hype and Raids Celebrating Music

Innovative blockchain project is beginning first steps to help heal through music.

Kyle Heise
December 7, 2021
BSC News

Mind Music Releases First Album

Mind Music is kicking off the launch of its record label with a huge week of events. The first music label powered by cryptocurrency will run from Dec. 7th to Dec. 12, bookended by the record launch and a single release. 

Mind Music has teased the launch for over a week but caught the radar of BSC News through a Tweet by Travis of Travladd Crypto AMA. With an ambitious goal of reinventing how record labels work and bringing recognition to mental health, Mind Music has a tall task ahead. 

“I want this project to reach as many people as possible because, for me, this music is not about a career,” Founder / Composer Mark Hamilton states on the project website. “It is a way to call attention to the silent epidemic of mental illness that has taken the lives of countless artists and individuals.”

The upcoming music is a collection of 25 cover songs to popular music, with 13 of the songs released already as music videos. The music is accredited to Mark Hamilton and features symphonic, orchestral versions of popular songs without lyrics. The nano-cap token is still very much one to be wary of when investing.


Mind Week Schedule

  • Tuesday, Dec. 7th - Record Label Launch 
  • Wednesday, Dec. 8th - The Final Part of the Trilogy Revealed
  • Thursday, Dec. 9th - Mind Music NFT Collection Launch
  • Friday, Dec. 10th - Mind Music launch - Whitelist Presale
  • Saturday, Dec. 11th - Baby Mind Re-Launch
  • Sunday, Dec. 12th - Mind Music First Single Release

The project roadmap shows a second album release coming in early to mid-2022 and major artist collaborations in 2022. The word ‘major’ will be the caveat. If Mind Week can collaborate on an artist half as good as who they cover, they could be in decent shape. 

What is Mind Music

Mind Music is planning to build a crypto ecosystem based on a noble cause that can see it help those suffering from mental trauma and benefit investors through its tokenomics. Mind Music will eventually become its independent record label collaborating with artists worldwide.  It will be releasing its first vinyl record, set up a staking platform, and begin selling merchandise in the short term. 80% of the profits from merchandise and record sales will be donated to Mental Health Awareness and Suicide prevention charities, while the remaining 20% of profits will be used to buy back and burn the Mind Music Coin.

Find more about Mind Music

Website | Twitter | Telegram |

Kyle Heise

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