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" A decentralized autonomous organization for the development, management of decentralized network based games, NFTs, DeFi and other projects "

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with Metaverse DAO! Today we have 3 members of the Metaverse DAO team here with us to talk about their exciting new platform. Great to have you all here :)


@ Bruce_Edward_Miller


Metavers-DAO Timmy

Hi everyone

Metaverse-Dao Ben

Hello everyone, I'm the Marketing Manager at Metaverse-Dao, you can call me Ben.

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller

Hi, I'm Bruce, GD of Metaverse-DAO, responsible for gameplay, balance, story background, etc. glad to see everyone.

Metavers-DAO Timmy

Hello everyone, I'm Timmy, the founder of Metaverse-DAO, and I'm here today with our Game designer and marketing team.😀

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Nice to have you all here!

Alright! Without further due, we will jump right into the questions. Sounds good with you?

Metaverse-Dao Ben

[ 🤝 Sticker ]

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great, so to kick things off, for those who may be unfamiliar...

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller

Thank you, everything is fine.👌You are so cozy here 🙂

Metavers-DAO Timmy

[In reply to Stephanie (BSC.News)]


1. How many members does your team have? Can you tell us about their roles? Do you have a background in crypto and games?

Metavers-DAO Timmy


there are 18 main members of the team

Including a 3D game development group of 12 members (2 battle engineers, 2 system engineers, 2  modelers, 1 painting, 1 numerical planning, 1 game system designer, 1 producer, 2QA

2 contract developers

1 media, 2 marketing, 1 writer

The project contract and NFT team is from North America, and the game production and operation team is from Southeast Asia. Team members come from number of well known gaming companies, we are experienced in game designing, creation and development

Prior to this, we have successfully developed some online games in web 2.0.

the team has completed the planning, building framework of game engine, numerical structure, tokenomics, and creation of original paintings for the firtgame ModernPUBG already😀

this is my answer🤝

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Well awesome! Sounds like you guys have a great team so let's talk about the project itself

2.Please give us an overview of your project, namely what are you trying to achieve?

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller

Metaverse-DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization, management of decentralized network based games, NFTs, and other projects

Our mission is to build a strong virtual world, create really fun games, and manage all the projects and assets with the community, allowing the community members to share the profits.

We hope to combine NFT and great mechanism to the sustainable game economy, including play to earn

In developing decentralized online games, we believe it is important to allow players to gain profit

It is also important for R&D team to keep developing games that players would enjoy playing, otherwise it will not be able to generate sustained value under the term of decentralization. Building good games are essential.

The team will continously keep developing more games, more NFTs and keep managing these assets, and let players can also be part of the game creation and vote on community and project management to achieve effective governance (DAO), and empower the metaverse.

We strongly believe that the impact of the decentralized virtual economy on the world will become unimaginably huge over time, and we are happy to be a part of the metaverse world and witness its evolution with supporters.

We will release 2 games every year for Metaverse-DAO.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Okay neat, so to dive even deeper into that

3. You've mentioned "game" and "play to earn", give us some more details of the game. I think everyone is very interested in this topic

Metavers-DAO Timmy

Sure, this is what we always want to talk about in any AMA :)

But as this is a lot to type out I'll copy/paste from our whitepaper.

That explains a lot in detail and saves me from typing it all out😂

The game's name is ModernPUBG.

It is a large 3D shooting game, based on the Unity3D engine, and has complete real physical collisions throughout the game  such as being hit by a vehicle will cause injury, inertia, explosions will have shock wave boost, bombs and weapons can also destroy the doors of buildings, greenery, cars, etc.

In version 1.0, there will be 13 characters and 44 weapons. Assets are divided into four categories: avatars (characters), weapons, chests, and badges, which are all NFTs.

The game is a real-time battle type, it is not turn-based. This is what the team decided from the beginning, to ensure the game performance is more appropriate, and players are more engaged in the game process

Metavers-DAO Timmy, [4/29/2022 11:16 PM]

Numerous anonymous players are randomly dropped into random spot in the "Modern City". Just like in real life, the players start with nothing. Various weapons, props, and other players are hidden everywhere in the city. The weapons and props picked up in the battle are free! What you need to do is to find more weapons and props, use them wisely, then fight against other players, and try to be the last man standing.

The "Modern City" will have safe and unsafe zones in the game. Safe zone within the city will shrink over time at a random coordinates. Player's HP will start to reduce continuously if the player is outside the safe zone. You can take advantage of this by choosing to bereave it out by killing onsite by following the shrinking safety zone or enter the zone ahead of other players and keep the incoming opponents out. In short, Do everything you can to live to the end.

You can combat each game by using any weapons you can pick up in the city. Weapon could be Machete, UZI, AKM, M16A4, etc, shoot with firearms, blow up opponents with grenades, burn opponents with Molotov cocktails, chop opponents with machetes, KO opponents with fists after running out of ammunition or even knock down opponents with vehicles.

You can take a moment to consult the game whitepaper, and you will be able to understand every detail of the game in more detail:

If the text is not intuitive enough, we have also made a promotional video for the game, please watch:

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Wow, thank you for all that information!

4. I saw a spaceX launch base in the game video, how did you guys come up with this idea?

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller

This question excites me

There are many great companies blooming in the world, with their endless exploration, we now have Blockchain and decentralization as the results in the tech industry. There are also great people and companies exploring the universe, especially these giants who stand at the forefront of technology. Their efforts have made the world evolve towards a better place, of course it's not just Musk.

Metaverse-DAO has always moved forward with them as our goal. In addition to blockchain technology, our R&D team is also a fan of other high-end technologies, just like SpaceX, we also have a vision for deep space.

Who hasn't dreamed of spaceflight? Metaverse-DAO also brings this childhood dream and worship of technology into the game. Most people can't do anything about the universe in any reality, but now we can go to the game and pay tribute to the great engineering.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Brilliant! Lots to look forward to

5. There are many gamefi projects out there, some are good, some are not so much. As a professional, can you tell us more about what you think of the industry?

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller

very good question, it involves some of professional point of view

First of all, our team has also invested and participated in some other games. Most of the Gamefi have a common issue - The game economy will experience a large decline after a peak period. Because as the number of players increases at the beginning, more and more NFTs or tokens are generated. When there are not enough new players enter the game constantly afterwards, the economy will fall into a death spiral, which will cause heavy losses to players in the later stage

The rapid depreciation of NFT assets is usually caused by the fact that the game economic structure is too vertical, tokens are produced uncontrollably, most of the NFT are lack of scalability and overly flooding

We're always on the lookout for everything in the industry, good and bad. At the same time, we spent a lot of time studying, and finally came up with an innovative balance mechanism, the team believes that it will greatly improve the game economy and experience, and it will be more sustainable.

Actions include:

a Enrich the structure level of game assets and NFT assets;

b Give NFT more uses with gameplay principles;

c Increase the extensibility of NFTs, establish interactions between NFTs, and make them affect games or battles;

d Based on the above methods, moderate recovery or even deflation of tokens and NFTs can be achieved to buffer or even eliminate selling pressure, and urge players to keep more assets in the game for the purpose of the game.

It is recommended to read the whitepaper carefully, you will understand how it all works

We design games based on Eran while focusing on:

1. Playability

2. Sustainability

3. Sense of achievement

4. Competitive elements

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Thank you for the insight!

6. I noticed you mentioned how important it is to create a fun game.  How did you do this? Everyone is looking forward to a fun game. Can you tell us about the highlights of your game?

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller

It does take a lot of work to be really interesting. ModernPUBG has been designed from multiple perspectives for this

I'll copy/paste from our whitepaper😂

A wide variety of NFTs

A rich portfolio of assets and a reasonable structure, as well as a deflationary mechanism in order to make the economy more resistant to inflation and more sustainable.Different NFTs or props have unique effects. For example, rifles have a long range, submachine guns have a fast rate of fire, and bazooka, grenades, and smoke bombs. They can all bring different combat experiences to the game.

Full 3D representation

Based on Unity3D game engine development and cartoon style, the purpose is to achieve excellent and easy to play game visual effects.

Physical collision

A large number of real physical collisions, weapons, buildings, facilities, and interactions between props make the game more realistic and fun.For example, getting hit by a car can hurt, obstacles can be destroyed, doors can be smashed, in short, very real.

Real-time combat

The game can not be turn-based. Considering the characteristics of shooting games, real-time system is a must, which ensures the continuity of the battle.

Exploration and Opportunity

The initial position of the character is at random. In order to win the battle, you need to try your best to explore every corner of the city to get more weapons and props that are beneficial to you, making the battle more suspenseful and exciting. Non-stop exploring and your luck are also part of the game. Constant discovery and luck are part of the game too.

Rich battle modes

ModernPUBG will have 4 game modes to meet the needs of different groups of people, namely: Survival Mode, Team Mode, Factions War, and City Defence War.They play differently.

Project governance

By holding NFT, players can participate in project proposals, voting, governance, and even modify the rules of the game, which is the spirit of decentralization.

Combination and expansion of private assets, a completely free economy

Version 2.0 introduces land and many types of private assets, so that players have a sense of achievement and customization space, so as to realize the economic activities of players participating in the entire game, or the sum of each player's behaviour is the game economy itself.This also increases the player's sense of achievement.

Once again, I recommend watching game video:

7. Sounds great, when will the game be released? Could you please introduce the Roadmap of the game?

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller

Right now, the NFT development of all props and the docking work between the contract and marketplace are in progress. This is an exciting job. The development progress is nearing its end and ModernPUBG is expected to be released around July.


Version 1.0 (survival space)

The first version of the game, include:

● Release assets: avatar, weapon, Genesis badge, Genesis blind box, avatar chest, weapon chest, token MPUBG, avatar fragments, weapon fragments, avatar military badge.

● Battle mode: Survival mode, including filter, weapon accessories and props in battle.

● Marketplace: NFT trade, fees, gifts, avatar upgrade, weapon repair

Version 1.5 (war outbreak)

It will be the second version of the game, which include:

● Battle Mode: add team survival mode, faction war mode, and city defense battle.

● Marketplace: Avatar rental, weapon rental.

Version 2.0 (Land)

This will be the third version of the game, include:

● Game system: add land system, and the purchase, sale and gift of land.

● IOS and Android.

Version 2.5 (Free Economy)

This will be the third version of the game, include:

● New NFT assets: buildings, furniture, vehicles, pets, and the purchase, sale, and gift of these assets.

● Base on the combination of Land and private assets, we will have private shops, weapon shops, repair shops and other facilities, establish social attributes and free economy.

●Community governance

Please read the whitepaper for details of each version:

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Okay awesome so to touch more on the ecosystem using the $METADAO token

8. What role does $METADAO play in your project?

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller

It is the only settlement currency for the projects and trading game NFT.

Use cases of the token METADAO:

● METADAO as the ECO-token, all NFT of all games in the ecosystem (including ModernPUBG) traded on marketplace will be settled by METADAO. METADAO is required to purchase NFT and METADAO will be received after NFT is sold.

● Fees of trading NFT on Marketplace are settled by METADAO.

● The rewards of competitive competitions held by the game are settled by METADAO.

● All subsequent Dapp servers and game NFT transactions are settled by METADAO.

● By holding METADAO, 100% of the tax paid by any seller will be distributed in USDT.

● By holding METADAO, players are allowed to participate in the governance and voting of the project.

● Subscription, sponsorship fees are settled by METADAO.

● Production and sale of other virtual goods or services are settled in METADAO.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Thanks for the clarification!

9. You mentioned governance. How did you implement the governance of Metaverse-DAO and each subsequent game?

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller

We cannot ensure that METADAO holders will participate in every game. It is dangerous if a person who has no knowledge of the game decides the direction of the game. At the same time, it is certain is that METADAO holders definitely want ModernPUBG to develop better, because it is beneficial to the DAO. For a single game, they should have some rights but not all rights. This balanced right should be more reflected in the development of DAO.

On the other hand, to truly understand the game, you have to play the game, then you first need to have NFT (Avatar), so we believe that players holding NFT should enjoy the governance rights of the corresponding game.

Combining these, the team hopes to have organized groups of players working towards goals of varying sizes and governance on multiple levels.

Each layer has its own positioning to maximize the rationality and effectiveness of governance


Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller| NEVER DM YOU FIRST, [4/29/2022 11:41 PM]

a) Based on Mataverse-DAO, as long as they decide that any NFT holder has no right to veto the proposal, METADAO holders can vote to develop a second game or type of game, or make adjustments to the DAO's governance structure,

b) Based on ModernPUBG, let's assumed that METADAO holders voted 100 votes in favor and 600 votes against Proposal A.

And ModernPUBG NFT holders voted 500 votes in favor and 100 votes against Proposal A.

Votes will be counted as:

The negative vote is 600x40% (METADAO) + 100x60% (NFT), which is 300 votes

The positive votes is 100x40% (METADAO) + 500x60% (NFT), i.e. 340 votes

In this case,  the game proposal A will be passed.

Just a simple example, the actual situation will be more complicated, such as someone holding METADAO and NFT at the same time. What we want to express again is: Game NFT holders have a greater weight in governance of a single game and are closely related to the development of it, while METADAO holders are at the helm of Metaverse-DAO, and they have a portion of the governance of each gamet, but not decisive for any single game.

METADAO holders a directional role in the technology and development of the entire DAO, similar to the helmsman. At the same time, it has certain governance rights for each game under the DAO, but it is not decisive.

NFT holders of the game only governs the game which they play (such as ModernPUBG) and they are decisive because they participate in the game and really know it.

You can see all the details in the whitepaper

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great! Let’s touch a bit more on your token

10. Please tell us about the $METADAO distribution.

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller


Total Supply: 350,000,000


136,500,000 (39% of total allocation)

Presale is 39% of total tokens, no lock-in period, no investing conditions, 100% withdrawable after launch.


108,500,000 (31% of total allocation)

Liquidity is 31% of the total tokens. In order to allow more project supporters to obtain relatively fair project participation opportunities,abundant liquidity will be created.

Seed Round

35,000,000 (10% of total allocation)

Seed Investors will have 20% of their allocation released at the launch. 80% of their token allocation will have a 13 months lock up period and then their tokens will vest linearly within 13 months.

Marketing & Operations

28,000,000 (8% of total allocation)

For the continued development and growth of the project, all tokens of the market & operation will be used for project promotion, industry cooperation, and media promotion.

The Market & Operations wallet will have 20% of the tokens released at launch, and the remaining 80% will have a 13 months lock up period and be released linearly within 13 months.


7,000,000 (2% of total allocation)

Project Advisors will have 20% of their allocation released at launch. 80% of their token allocation will have a 13 months lockup period and then their tokens will vest linearly within 13 months.

Founding Team

35,000,000 (10% of total allocation)

The development team's income should be closely linked to the development of the project, and the team's work ability will be reflected in the value of the token, so the team's tokens will be 100% locked at launch with a 13-month lock-up period and then their tokens will invest linearly within 13 months.

11. How does $METADAO differ from other coins in the crypto market? Why do investors choose you?

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller

METADAO as the core token of the whole project, the team hopes to protect those real investors, we have seen many projects including games destroyed by some market manipulators and whales who don't care about the development of the project, or even play the game at all. No only they don't use NFT, they just enter the project earlier and arbitrage through token price fluctuations. No project can completely eliminate this from happening (at least we think so). However, in order to minimize such adverse effects, we have upgraded and innovated the contract as a way to make price relatively stable and allow holders to obtain more profit and protection.

Holders of Metaverse-DAO can get the dividend in USDT, the dividend comes from transaction fee of all sellers. No slippage when puchasing METADAO, selling fee will be distributed to all holders after anyone sells the token

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller| NEVER DM YOU FIRST, [4/29/2022 11:48 PM]

The average price per minute for the last 4320 minutes (3 days) before the current time is used as the benchmark price. When the coin price = benchmark price, the selling slippage is 10%, and if the current token price > the benchmark price then slippage increase by 1% for every 1% above the benchmark price.

(For example, price = 105% of the benchmark price then sell slippage will be 15%) and selling slippage will not exceed 45%

If the currnet token price < 100% of the benchmark price, for every 1% of the price below the benchmark price, the selling slippage will be increased by 2%.

In order to prevent speculators from selling a large amount of METADAO at once and causing tax evasion when the tax is low, the maximum amount of METADAO sold in a single transaction is limited to 100,000.

Our contract has been audited. Welcome to the audit link.

Recommend everyone to watch METAO's video, you can understand it all:

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Very cool! Last but not least…

12. Please share your social media links

Metaverse-DAO Bruce Miller



Game video:

Metaverse-DAO video:

Metaverse-DAO whitepaper:

Game whitepaper:





Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great, thank you!

Make sure that you guys go and check out Metaverse DAO, community! Their platform offers you exposure to the best projects on BSC all while rewarding you for using their innovative ecosystem!

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