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Metaskins Co-Founder David Cummings on the People’s Metaverse

Metaskins Co-Founder David Cummings said the decentralized metaverse is more promising to creators than centralized projects from major tech companies.

Metaskins Co-Founder: Metaverse not ‘Meta and Intel’

Metaskins Studio Co-Founder David Cummings believes that decentralization is key to the Metaverse reaching its full potential, for creators and users.

Broadly speaking, the Metaverse can refer to the online digital world where people can work, play and socialize. Many people believe the Metaverse already exists in Web2 games like Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite.

The Metaverse, of course, is a major developing theme in blockchain. Some predict huge growth in wearable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in parallel with the rise of the Metaverse. The idea of clothes made of pixels has been around for a long time, for example, in video games. In the blockchain Metaverse, people can explore their preferred fashions with NFT outfits.

Metaskins is one company that’s making waves in the Metaverse. Beyond character skins and wearables, the Metaverse design studio also specializes in Metaverse infrastructure, gaming and events.


At the recent Messari Mainnet event in New York City, BSC News had the opportunity to speak with Cummings to learn more about his thoughts on the Metaverse.

“I've always been very interested in crypto and investing in crypto, etc. Just from watching the younger generation, and even for people my own age, this proved to me that Metaverse would become an important part of the next revolution of the internet and has become such an important part of my life since then. To me, it doesn't seem like it stops here,” Cummings said.

Metaskins has thrown successful Metaverse events, from partnerships like Bare Knuckle Fight Championships to Metaverse casino nights in Decentraland. The company created high-resolution 3D art in The Holy One's NFT collection as well as in The Fetus Apes NFT collection. In addition, Metaskins has helped major legacy companies get on board the Web3 revolution, such as Etro and PUMA.

The Decentralized Metaverse

Major tech companies are competing to stake their claims in the online Metaverse via their centralized platforms. For example, Facebook renamed itself Meta last year, and soon after Microsoft announced that its Teams videoconferencing product would become the workplace Metaverse of choice.

Meanwhile, decentralized Web3 Metaverses are attracting billions of dollars in venture capital.

Skateboarding in virtual reality cartoon vector background. Man flying on levitating skateboard under glossy surface with glowing neon grid to futuristic metropolis skyscrapers on horizon illustration

But, what do decentralized Metaverse projects offer that giants like Meta and Microsoft do not? Cummings said centralized Metaverses constrain creativity and restrict potential earnings.

“Centralized ecosystems require creators to follow their guidelines completely. There are so many different barriers to get around that it ends up being a terrible experience for the creator,” Cummings said. “The first thing you're going to get is probably 12% of the pie. Second, the minute they say this isn't good for their brand or product, you're out.”

Web3 allows users to move digital assets across platforms, Cummings said, which can exponentially increase the value of those assets compared to Web2.

Music NFTs, for example, let listeners own and play music on any platform, making them more valuable. Further, the artist benefits directly from the sale of the NFT.

“You know, if you're part of this decentralized Metaverse ecosystem, everyone wants to support each other's projects and visions because they understand that the work that goes into each initiative and that 100% of its profits go back to the creators,” Cummings said.

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, described Web3 as "an autonomous creation in which users, if not owners, are beneficiaries."

“So I think there's something really important about building out the decentralized universe. That's the members, and the people. When I think of the Metaverse, I don't think of Meta and Intel,” Cummings said.

What Is Metaskins:

Metaskins is a one-stop shop for Metaverse or Non-Fungible Token (NFT) needs. Based in Colombia, the design studio specializes in personalized digital wearables, custom infrastructure built on Metaverse parcels and brand-tailored Metaverse events.

The company’s work and services includes high-quality Metaverse-ready 3D avatars, digital modeling, marketing, smart contract development, video game development and more.

Metaskins’ partners and clients include Puma, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, MMA TV, The Holy Ones NFT collection, Fetus Apes NFT collection, Snarky Sharks NFT, NFtweak, etc.

Where to find Metaskins:

Website | Twitter

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