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High APY auto-compounding yield aggregator


Good Morning everyone and welcome to the AMA with Merlin Lab!

@MadamMerlin Thank you for joining us today

Madam Merlin:

Than you so much for having me! I am very excited to share the Merlin Lab project with the community 😇 @DrewtheAce


And we are excited to hear all about it 🥳

Madam Merlin:

Sounds great! 🔮 Let's do it.


great and one last thing, just let me know that you are "done" at the end of every answer so that I do not interrupt you 🙂

but other than that, let's get into it...

1. Can you give an introduction to what Merlin Lab is? What is the overall goal of your project?

Madam Merlin:

Merlin Lab is an auto-compounding yield aggregator on Binance Smart Chain. We proud ourselves as offering the highest APY auto-compounding vaults on the chain.

Here are some of our most popular tokens pools: 

- CAKE pool is at ~200% APY

- CAKE-BNB pool is at ~120% APY

- MERL-BNB pool is at ~1,400 APY

Beyond this, you can already see some new additions we’ve added to our platform such as the Lottery and NFT platform.

Merlin Lab’s vision is to become the all in one full-service digital asset ecosystem, where Merlin will offer all DeFi related services within one platform, creating a powerful ecosystem of product suites that are complementary to each other.


Great! Thank you for that introduction

So before we dive into the project itself, I always like to ask this question first

2. What is your background and how did that lead you and your team to develop Merlin Lab? What deficiencies in the BSC ecosystem did you see that Merlin Lab can address?

Madam Merlin:

Merlin Lab is an international team with team members from Australia and Singapore. Whilst the Merlin team is anonymous, our team members bring expertise from reputable backgrounds such as MIT, KPMG and JP Morgan.

Madam Merlin:

One of the key deficiencies on BSC is our users' love for high yields with the current need to manually compound their gains in order to achieve exponential returns.

Merlin Lab solves this problem by providing a free auto-compounding service that actually gives users even more yield on our platform.


Wow, it sounds like your team has very solid backgrounds.

Is there a reason for anonymity?

Madam Merlin:

We've decided to remain anonymous as we believe Merlin Lab's project and code speaks for itself. It allows us to work freely and safely to provide the best experience and investment platform for our users. Rules and regulations regarding the purchase, sale, and handling of cryptocurrencies are constantly evolving around the world. By having a team that operate anonymously, we can make sure that our project allows all users in the world to protect their freedom and make their own decisions when it comes to investing their money.



3. In such a short amount of time you have managed to receive $222m in TVL, how did you accomplish this and how will you maintain a steady growth over the years?

Madam Merlin:

Product market fit is very important in this case. We have created a product that is needed for the users, we are addressing a need and providing a service that can bring exponential benefits to the user.

Our high yield is achieved through through Merlin’s automated yield matching protocol. Once staked, Merlin’s smart contracts manages users’ rewards through multiple pools to ensure high yield. This happens automatically every 2-4 hours to ensure exponential yield returns. Here is an example of how we transfer user’s rewards across multiple pools so you’re investing at the maximum yield:

• User stakes in BTCB-BNB pool 

• BTCB-BNB pool produces CAKE rewards at an APY of 20%

• Instead of converting your CAKE rewards to BTCB-BNB to auto-compound like other yield aggregators in the market, Merlin automatically reinvests your CAKE into a higher APY CAKE pool at 140% APY 

• By simply staking in the CAKE Maximizer pools, Merlin’s automated pool matching protocol brings higher APYs and simple auto-compounding solution for the users

In terms of our strategy for steady growth is through consistent product development alongside aggressive marketing. You can find our latest product development roadmap here:


Wow every 2-4 hours, and is this locked for users or do they gain full control of their funds?

And when you say multiple pools, do you mean that when someone deposits into one pool, the smart contract can automatically finding the highest yield for the user?

Madam Merlin:

Most definitely. Users have full control of their funds. They are able to withdraw anytime they like.

That's is correct - as you can see from the example above. The smart contract redirects user's rewards from the BTCB-BNB pool to an even higher APY pool CAKE pool, to achieve a higher than market rate APY.


That's amazing

Definitely have to go check it out myself haha

4. Can you tell me more about $MERL? Is this token deflationary? If not will there be a burn?

Madam Merlin:

We have Multiple Deflationary Mechanisms. A few deflationary measures have been introduced include our Buyback and Burn contribution and Lottery system to help curb inflation.

Further, our plan for our NFT platform will contribute to the Buyback and Burn reserve through a portion of every sale proceeds. Other deflationary measures will also be introduced in the coming months with the introduction of more product features!

The team do have plans to adjust our token emission structure so that it will become deflationary. As our team focus right now is to grow our TVL and product suites, we see this change to be implemented later on in the year. This does mean that right now is the best time for users to maximize their opportunity of obtaining their MERL tokens. 👀


Yes of course, are there plans on ever eliminating emissions?

Madam Merlin:

We will have plans to reduce emissions overtime 🙂


Gotcha, can't reveal too much haha

6. When the bear market comes, how will you mitigate a steep drop in price if users begin to panic sell by the masses?

Madam Merlin:

To us, building a DeFi product is not just for today’s market. We are building for the future and the bear market will not stop us from improving and developing our products.

The beauty of compounding also means that our product is always bringing value even during bear markets. Users can still use Merlin as a service no matter the market conditions.

Additionally, we do have plans to expand our product range in the coming months. This will include more products that will increase Merlin utility even during the bear market.


That's great to hear, I always love when projects have a sort of longevity to them and can confidently tell their users they are here for the long term

so thank you for that answer

7. I see there is a big push for $CAKE vaults as well as utilizing the $CAKE maximizer, why is that? Are you partnered with Pancake Swap?

Madam Merlin:

We have not yet partnered with PancakeSwap. Although, we are working on that!

$CAKE is one of the key tokens on Binance Smart Chain. Naturally, we wanted to enter the market by creating an auto-compounding to a larger total addressable market.

However, this is only the beginning of our auto-compounding vaults. We are currently looking into other popular platforms as well such as Alpaca, MDEX, etc.


Yes as a DeFi product on BSC Pancake Swap and Alpaca would be more than solid projects to partner with

8. Can you tell me about your lottery feature?

Madam Merlin:

Definitely. Merlin lottery ( gives users a chance to win our lottery jackpot every day!

Our current pot size ranges between $8,500 USD up to $20,000 USD. This is also one of our first deflationary mechanics, where 20% of our lottery pot will be burnt automatically every night.

You enter our lottery by buying a lottery ticket which costs 0.2 MERL. We have also introduced a discount system that helps users get cheaper tickets and a higher chance to win: 

0-20 tickets | 0% Discount 

20-40 tickets | 5% Discount 

40-50 tickets | 10% Discount

Maybe you can go and test your luck! 😉


Oh wow a lottery every day?

How do winners know that they have won? Is it through their wallet address?

Madam Merlin:

The winner will win if they match 2 or more numbers in that are in the correct order placement. The website will notify the winners at the lottery draw on our lottery page! 

Just a few days ago, someone won our $15,000 USD jackpot!


Nice! Hope they bought up more $MERL with that!

Just to back track a bit, you did mention NFTs earlier

9. see that you will soon begin implementing NFTs into your site. Is the Merlin x SCV Bot partnership only exclusive for the launch of the NFTs? What other kind of NFTs will be available for users? Would one be able to create an NFT on Merlin Lab?

Madam Merlin:

The Merlin x SCV partnership was a prelude into our upcoming NFT product category.

The future of Merlin NFT platform will come in three phases:

1. The first phase will be Exclusive Limited Edition NFTs with partnered artists – this allows us to create a curated collection of artwork that has been carefully reviewed to assure high quality artwork by vetted artists to be shared on BSC.

2. The second phase opens up the NFT platform to the public. This means supporting users minting artworks and the resell of artworks.

3. The last phase includes more NFT gamification features that allows users to farm, enter into NFT lotteries and a lot more!

Our NFT platform itself not only benefit artists and users. It will also contribute to the deflation of the MERL token.


Another way to mitigate inflation!

Do you have a date of when users should expect the NFTs to launch?

Madam Merlin:

It will be in the coming weeks :)


Great! Be on the lookout for that everyone

10. Do you have any partnerships? If so can you tell us about them and how they have contributed to your success?

Madam Merlin:

Of course, we are all about partnerships at Merlin Lab. Our most recent partnerships include:

- SCV Finance NFT partnership 

- King DeFi portfolio analytics partnership 

- Beefy vault partnership – Users can currently auto-compound their MERL tokens via our partnership pool on Beefy’s website

We see partnerships as one of our key marketing strategies as we can collaborate and work with our peers in the DeFi space to create complimentary synergies and help each other grow. There are a lot more partnerships in the pipeline. We are excited to reveal them over the coming weeks.


Yeah that's awesome, working together as partners to grow the ecosystem as a whole sounds very exciting

So last but not least

11. Do you have any exciting news you would like to share/announce with us here today?

Most definitely. Whilst we’ve been a 4-week-old project. It’s been an exciting week at Merlin. We have successfully passed Certik audit, users can find our full audit report here:

Further, we have released our updated roadmap as mentioned earlier. There are a lot of exciting product categories we look to expand into: 

• Expansion of vault options and integrations 

• Expand our NFT platform to be the ultimate curated limited edition NFT offering for global artists 

• Launch more games beyond lottery, stepping into the online games space 

• Launch Merlin analytics tools

• Launch Merlin Swap  

• Integration of multi chain compatibilities to Merlin  

You can find our most updated roadmap here:


Yeah great ! Can you drop a list of your social media accounts so that everyone here can go give it a follow?

Madam Merlin:

Sure! Please be sure to follow our community for more updates: 


Telegram Groups



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