MemeKiller Previews NFT-Based Game, Mystery Box Launch

Their self-proclaimed mission to “kill all sh*t coins” revolves around their play-to-earn rewards and 3D gameplay

October 7, 2021

Introducing MemeKiller

MemeKiller is an upcoming Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gaming platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The gameplay on the platform revolves around memes - and killing memes - to earn rewards. Players will take their team of NFT-represented memes into battle in a 3D gaming experience, earning income along the way. MemeKiller is run by the KILL token, and seeks to stand above other meme-based projects through their tokenomics and gameplay. 

Gameplay Demo

The MemeKiller team has revealed a gameplay demo video on Twitter, showcasing what players can expect from the game. The video shows multiple environments that players can explore, including their home base, a PvP battle arena, and an upcoming “Military Trip” mode as well.

The MemeKiller Battle Arena

The demo also reveals another facet of gameplay - player inventory. Besides just the playable characters, users can acquire NFTs that represent weapons and other equipment in the game. 

One of the weapons players can acquire in the game

These NFTs will have different levels of rarity, and different effects associated with them. Players can acquire these items, character skins, and more through MemeKiller NFT loot boxes.

NFT Mystery Boxes

Players can visit the MemeKiller marketplace to purchase NFT mystery boxes. Each box will have a unique theme and contain different items that can be acquired. There are rarity levels in each box, with a corresponding amount of obtainable items based on rarity.

A unique set of armor obtainable in the mystery boxes

Currently the available boxes are Chinese Brunt and Chinese Guard. The Brunt box contains different weapons, while the Guard box has different sets of armor skins. There are 500 of each box available, meaning players need to act fast in order to get their hands on the equipment inside.

One of the player skins obtainable in the game.


Token Ticker: KILL

Total Supply: 20,000,000


Reserve: 5,000,000

Token Sale: 4,000,000

Play-to-Earn: 3,500,000

Ecosystem: 3,500,000

Community and Marketing: 2,000,000

Team and Advisors: 1,000,000

User Rewards: 1,000,000

Users can earn KILL by playing the game and defeating renegade memes.

2021 Roadmap


The MemeKiller roadmap has already been mostly fulfilled, with an exciting Q4 coming up. Beyond being a play-to-earn game, MemeKiller seeks to build a fleshed-out Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem. This includes staking and farming, as well as a marketplace for users to exchange and buy tokens.

Concluding Thoughts

The NFT-gaming industry has been rapidly evolving, and MemeKiller seeks to be a part of this evolution. Their blend of pop-culture memes, 3D gameplay, and DeFi ecosystem concepts helps to strengthen their position on BSC. By continuing to upgrade and improve their platform and vision, MemeKiller could become a popular hotspot for blockchain gamers to visit in the near future. Interested readers should check out their NFT boxes quickly, as the limited supply means only a select group will be able to grab those unique items.

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