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Litentry Partners with NodeReal For Decentralized Web3 Privacy-Enabled User Identity

The partnership connects the robust data indexing service from @Nodereal_io needed for reliable decentralized identification from @litentry.

Web3 Privacy Gets a Boost

Multi-chain identity protocol, Litentry is collaborating with Blockchain infrastructure provider, NodeReal, to enable Web3 users and decentralized application (dApp) developers to maximize the utility of Web3 without compromising user privacy.

Litentry creates a privacy-enabled Web3 identity solution across major blockchains;  a decentralized identity (DID). The collaboration will allows Litentry to integrate NodeReal's MegaNode providing massive real-time and historical data indexing on Ethereum and BNB Chain networks.  The robust solution improves DID's reliability.  

NodeReal highlighted its partnership with Litentry in a tweet on July 21. 

NodeReal's Meganode, is reputed as a leader in the provision of fast, scalable, and stable node services.  Fei Liu, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Litentry,  acclaimed Meganode as capable of achieving high index speeds. Ben Mason, one of the chief developers at Litentry, gave BSC News more hints why NodeReal was chosen to provide DID's data indexing service:

”We needed Ethereum and BSC archive nodes with enough throughput capacity that returned accurate data, to index the entire chains within a couple of days. NodeReal gave us this. To help us achieve it, they adjusted the way we retrieve transaction receipts, allowing us to make millions of requests, rather than billions, which greatly improved performance." Ben Mason said. 

The DID data has numerous applications for Web3 users.  Credit ratings for DeFi lending, virtual passes, decentralized identity verification, blockchain activity metrics are among many use cases desperately in need of a solution. To ensure privacy for users, Litentry neither collects nor stores the DID data on any centralized system. Rather, the data is derived only from decentralized sources. Users fully own their DIDs, without surrendering anonymity, and determine the extent any service can have access to their data.

Before the advent of Web3 and decentralized systems, third-party services trusted with the custody of online data was the only alternative. This trust is often violated, as shown in the regular flow of headlines concerning data breaches at major corporations. The partnership between Litentry and NodeReal will allow users to control their data, while preserving the privacy capabilities of Web3 technologies.

What is Litentry:

Litentry is a decentralized multi-chain Web3 identity aggregator. It enhances the Web3 experience of users by linking their blockchain footprint and reputation to a decentralized identity (DID).

The protocol envisions being a hub for Web3 identity services. 

Where to find Litentry:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Discord | GitHub | LinkedIn 

What is NodeReal:

NodeReal is a multi-chain platform that provides high speed scalable and efficient blockchain solutions and infrastructure. NodeReal's flagship product, MegaNode, boasts one of the fastest application programmable interface (API) services for the Ethereum and BNB Chain networks. 

Where to find NodeReal:

Website | Twitter | Discord | LinkedIn | YouTube 

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