Kraken Exchange Lists AXS and CHZ on their platform

Residents of the United States, Canada, and Australia can now trade $AXS and $CHZ on the Kraken platform.

Enzo Martin
December 3, 2021
Blockchain News

AXS and CHZ on Kraken

US based cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken, lists two new tokens on their platform, $AXS and $CHZ.

Kraken users located in the United States, Canada, and Australia can now trade two new tokens on the platform. $AXS, the governance token of the popular play to earn NFT game, Axie Infinity, and $CHZ, the native currency of the sports & entertainment blockchain fintech provider, Chiliz, can now be traded on the Kraken Platform. The official Kraken twitter account announced the listings on December 2 UTC.

“New listings on Kraken for US, CA & AUS. @AxieInfinity $AXS & @Chiliz $CHZ Sparkles Trading starts NOW!” Kraken Exchange tweeted.

Most tokens listed on Kraken are common across most exchanges. This includes meme coins, alt coins, DeFi tokens and of course Bitcoin. The Axie infinity token joins the token of other play to earn projects as some of the few blockchain gaming tokens listed on Kraken. Sandbox’s $SAND and Decentraland’s $MANA are also listed on the Kraken platform.

What is Kraken?

Kraken is a digital exchange looking to be the go to exchange that caters to traders of any level of crypto knowledge. Whether you are a new investor looking to capitalize on the Crypto market, or a seasoned trader that is looking for more features to help with your trading strategies, Kraken wants to be the exchange for you. Check out what they have to offer by visiting their website.

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Enzo Martin

Enzo is a proud Filipino with a master's degree in Economics from the International University of Japan. He is heavily invested in researching economic principles that govern the crypto and P2E space. Outside the blockchain network, Enzo plays various sports, loves to travel and takes a lot of photos. His heaviest bags are in Ethereum, NFTs, and multichain Play-to-Earn projects.

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