KOI.BIO Offers Unique NFTs That Strive for Gamification

Koi.bio builds cross-chain NFT-KOI card collectibles, on leading DeFi networks such as Polkadot, BSC, and ETH.

May 31, 2021

NFT Collectibles

Koi.bio is a cross chain NFT collectibles based on the BSC(Binance Smart Chain) and ERC721 tokens on Polkadot. It has integrated an NFT card game which has the functions of collection, cultivation, trading, auctions, games, and others. By adopting the cross-chain mechanism, Koi.bio builds the cross chain NFT-KOI collectibles, supporting networks such as Polkadot, BSC and ETH.

Koi fish is the game in the category of the business card game. There are 12 categories in Koi fish. The more valuable the Koi is, the less likely it will appear. By the activation of the mystery boxes, male and female fish are bred and fed in pairs. After that, there will be a variety of colorful koi fish cards with unique gene to be produced. The first generation of Koi NFT cards have a token anchoring value. It also has the function of Koi NFT destruction, which allows users to destroy ther unwanted NFTs for cash.

The second generation of Koi NFT cards realize the function of mating male and female fish. They can produce their own unique and valuable koi fish. The color of fish is also automatically combined according to the genes. The color of each fish is also special and unique. The newly generated Koi Fish card image will be marked with a unique card hash value and immediately mirrored on the IPFS chain, realizing the consensus expectation that Koi NFT card will have the unlimited collectibles value in the future.


All the Koi Fish are obtained by opening the mystery boxes and cultivating. They also come with a certain amount of the physical strength, the attack, amongst other game attributes. They have enhanced the application attribute of Koi. In the future, they will be reflected to the corresponding NFT card game.

The Koi fish users can make use of its own different attributes of Koi NFT to participate in the game and plunders the different game props for trading and auction to obtain additional income.


The total circulation of KOI Token is 60 million, The distribution of all other token pools is presented in the following:

✦ Mortgage mining of KOI NFT     18,000,000   (30%)

- 28767 pieces are released every day, 0.137% of which are released by mining pools

✦KOI liquidity      12,000,000  (20%)

- 20% will be released before the market opens, and the rest will be released at 365 antennas

✦Community and marketing     10,800,000  (18%)      

- 20% will be released before the market opens, and the rest will be released at 365 antennas

✦Genesis mining pool      9,000,000  (15%)

- Locked mining pools account for 10% (locked mining pools are released at a rate of 1% per day), and unlocked mining pools account for 5%

✦Development team.     5,400,000  (9%)

- Lock the warehouse for 1 year, release 20% after one year, and the remaining unreleased 80% will be released on a 365 antenna basis

✦Ecological construction    4,800,000  (8%)

- Lock the warehouse for 1 year, release 20% after one year, and the remaining unreleased 80% will be released on a 365 antenna basis


1. Participating in the KOI Genesis mine pool to get the KOI token as soon as possible

If the people rush to buy the token of KOI Genesis mine pool, they will participate in the liquidity mining of Koi more quickly and gain the maximum income as soon as possible.

2. Opening the KOI mystery boxes to gain the Koi Fish NFT Genesis card

The Koi Fish NFT Genesis card is divided into three levels - the highest level is the King Koi Fish; the second level is the Super Koi Fish; and the third level is the Norma Koi Fish. The mechanism of the mystery boxes is also divided into two levels in playing – the high level playing method is Gold, while the low level playing method is Silver. The details of the mystery box rules are as follows:

1) After obtaining the KOI token from Genesis mine pool, the user can use 30 tokens to participate in the activities which are to open the mystery boxes to obtain the genesis NFT card.

2) Use 200 KOIs each time to instantly open the Gold blind box

3) Use 30 KOIs each time to instantly open the Silver blind box

3. The feeding and cultivating rules of Koi NFT

Through the energy feeding, the female fish and the male fish can cultivate the Koi fish

Genesis mine pool in different levels. Specifically, King Koi Fish can cultivate the Super Koi Fish; the Super Koi Fish can cultivate the Norma Koi Fish; the Norma Koi Fish can cultivate the second generation of Koi Fish.

4. Destruction of Koi NFT

For all of King Koi Fish, Super Koi Fish and Norma Koi Fish, their users can directly choose to destroy and exchange the corresponding KOI token through the NFT contract.

5. The rules of mortgage mining for the Koi NFT role and the addition ration of mining production

The NFT role of King Koi Fish does not have the function of mortgage mining. This function can be owned by only the Super Koi Fish, the Norma Koi Fish and the second generation of Koi Fish which are cultivated by pairing the male fish and female fish. Especially, the speed of Super Koi Fish’s addition ration of mining is 1.1 times that of Norma Koi Fish; the Norma Koi Fish has 1 times speed of mining production’s addition ration. The second generation of Koi Fish has 0.9 times speed of the mining production’s addition ration.

6. Koi Fish match

Koi is about to start the Koi Fish match on the chain. All users participating in the mortgage mining of the Koi NFT role will get  entrance tickets to the Koi Fish match. Through the community voting interaction mechanism, the Koi Fish match will be held regularly to select the better Koi Fish NFTs. Using rewards and other mechanisms, the Koi Fish match empowers it higher anchoring value. The first winner to the tenth winners of every Koi Fish match will receive the largest number of Koi tokens to anchor the rewards.

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