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Kalata Garners Trending Status After Launching Trading and Liquidity Mining on Binance Smart Chain

Token, $KALA, jumps almost 70% out the gate.

The Big Move 

Moments after Kalata launched trading and liquidity mining on its platform, its native $KALA token was among the trending tokens on CoinMarketCap this past week.

The derivatives trading platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) announced the token trading and liquidity pool mining on 16th August via Twitter. The token trended as high as $0.46 USD, up 70% from its start at $0.27. It has since settled around $0.30 at the time of writing. 

“#Kalata Token trading and liquidity mining is now live. Click here to begin to join this new financial journey: Functions enabled are trading and #Liquidity pool mining. The available pair is $KALA/$BUSD,” disclosed Kalata on Twitter, regarding its big move to expand its ecosystem. 

Surprisingly, the big move projected the KALA token on August 17th as it was among the top five trending tokens on CoinMarketCap. Crypto analyst on Twitter, TheCryptoSoldier was the first to break the news on the social media platform the same day. Kalata protocol also retweeted his Tweet.


Impressive moves by Kalata, certainly. But all initial launches come with excitement. The market capitalization sits at around $2.6 Million, and there is over $1 million in 24-hour traded volume, according to CoinMarketCap. The protocol looks to build its products to sustain a community.

Kalata Making Other Significant Moves in the BSC Ecosystem 

After launching trading and liquidity pool mining, Kalata has progressed in developing its ecosystem. The platform recently confirmed its availability on Math Wallet via Twitter. Now, users can access the Kalata Decentralized Application (dApp) on the crypto wallet that supports over 3000 dApps. 

“Kalata is now accessible on @MathWallet Launch app.kalata.up from your MathWallet and enjoy the experience of a next-generation synthetic asset trading platform,” Kalata Tweeted on August 18th. 

Since launching onto the BSC mainnet on August 16, the derivatives protocol recorded significant growth. Trading, liquidity pool mining, dApps on BSC, and now, accessibility on Math wallet. All these shows that Kalata has developed under a short period on BSC. With this in mind, one can only expect the BSC-based protocol to keep developing and redefining the future of finance. 

What is the Kalata Protocol? 

Kalata is the backbone of synthetic asset issuance and transaction agreements, ensuring that everyone has a smooth experience of real-world financial assets. The protocol is built on the BSC to offer users higher performance, low transaction fees, and a higher degree of customization. 

Kalata is also a derivative trading and mortgage lending platform for decentralized synthetic assets. The KALA token is the protocol's native token designed to enhance community governance and stimulate all activities on the Kalata ecosystem. 

Where to find Kalata:

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