Jade Casino: World's First Decentralized +EV Gaming Ecosystem

by BSC News

July 17, 2023


Set to launch in July 2023 via Fjord LBP, Jade Casino aims to offer an exhilarating gaming experience to its users, with rewards lined up for early participants.

Jade Casino is a fully decentralized gaming ecosystem built on the Polygon network. The objective of the protocol is to provide an exhilarating gaming experience for its users. In order to incentivize its loyal and early players, the users will have an edge over the house. It is a fully decentralized betting ecosystem where players bet with a positive expected value.

The Jade ecosystem is comprised of four primary components. The first is the JADE token, which is the native currency of the ecosystem. The second component is Jade Games. The third is the Jade Core Bankroll, followed by token debasement. These four pillars make up the Jade ecosystem.

Jade Token Tokenomics

$JADE is the native currency of the Jade ecosystem, and it is the token with which players will interact with Jade Casino. The project will have an initial supply of 888,888,889 tokens. Moreover, according to the whitepaper, no presale or VCs are involved in the project.

Out of the initial supply, 37.5% of the supply (333,555,555 tokens) is in the liquidity pool (LP) on Quickswap. 36.25% of the supply (322,222,222 tokens) goes to the Jade Core Bankroll. 7.5% (66,666,666 tokens) is for development funds, while another 7.5% is for marketing funds. Additionally, 3.75% of the supply (3,222,222 tokens) will become a treasury for airdrops and miscellaneous uses. And lastly, 66,555,558 tokens will go towards CEX listings and Bridges.

Jade Games

The Casino will have four major games: Jade Wheel, Jade Jar, Jade Lotto, and Jade Roulette. Jade Wheel is the first positive RTP game, with a guaranteed player edge for at least 90 days. For each size wager, Jade Wheel will have a unique payout scheme and RTP (return to player). The maximum wager is $100,000 in JADE. The other games are currently being developed and will have more details soon.

Jade Core Bankroll (JCB)

The JCB is the fund against which the bets are made. 36.25% of the total supply, or 322,222,222 tokens, will be available upon launch.

Players can only access the JCB funds while actively playing games. Players are eligible to receive constant rewards as JCB powers the entire Jade Casino ecosystem. Additionally, it is the sole bankroll with which Jade Casino is expected to launch.

When they play, users can seize a sizable portion of the JCB. If a player wagers on one of the games and the RTP (return to player) is greater than 100%, JCB often declines and the player receives JADE instead.

The JCB will receive JADE and a portion of Jade Games’ (current and upcoming) profit in order to do so. It will be gently replenished at a rate of 300 JADE per block in order to maintain it, however, thanks to token debasement, this replenishment won’t have an inflationary effect, quite the opposite.

Token Debasement

The token’s supply is debased on every block, creating a constant price appreciation tendency. The amount wagered at the Jade Casino determines how quickly the supply depletes. Therefore, the more users bet, the more effect they will have on supply reduction and price increase. For every daily volume below 1,000,000 JADE, a basic 0.0001% of the supply is debased per block.

Furthermore, if no one is buying, the debase will automatically raise the value of your JADE. Debase has an impact on the JADE that is in the liquidity pool. Therefore, as time goes on, fewer JADE will be in LP while the amount of USDC stays the same.

Users can even protect themselves from debasement via staking their JADE tokens. Users can do so by locking their tokens in secure vaults. There are currently three vaults, namely Full, Big, and Small. Big and Small vaults receive a fixed amount of per-block rewards, with a minimum locking period of 1 day. Meanwhile, Full has a minimum locking period of 7 days, and while it doesn’t give away rewards, it fully protects from debasement. Keep an eye out for the medium vault, as it will be the most profitable one, especially if not many participants actively choose to stake there.

First 100 Discord Active Members Have An Exciting Opportunity to Grab on!

The highly anticipated Jade Casino will launch via Fjord LBP in July 2023. In light of that, early participants have the opportunity to be rewarded. Hence, it is essential for users to start interacting on their social media accounts before its imminent launch. Joining their Discord and taking advantage of their current promotion is the best way to get engaged early. A special Discord role that may be useful later on in the project, will be given to the first 100 users who genuinely demonstrate an interest in the project’s growth and expansion. These users will also receive free tokens to bet with and interact with Jade’s ecosystem.

To learn more about Jade Casino, visit the following links:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

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