InQubeta (QUBE) Versus Dogecoin (DOGE): Why AI-Driven Blockchain Is the New Hotspot for Investors

InQubeta stands at the forefront of the AI revolution, harnessing its immense transformative power and offering a promising opportunity in the sector.

AI-driven cryptocurrency blockchains like InQubeta (QUBE) have emerged as the top cryptocurrencies to buy as an increasing number of investors sell coins like Dogecoin to capitalize on its presale. Investors can expect to increase their portfolios 4x by the final stage of the presale if they purchase their token during its beta stage. QUBE prices are expected to shoot up once the token is officially launched. 

Cryptocurrencies like InQubeta are emerging as the new hotspot for savvy cryptocurrency investors that are looking to be part of the next technological revolution. Early investors in internet-based businesses like Amazon have enjoyed unprecedented profits and those who invest early in artificial intelligence (AI) are poised to do the same. 

Cryptocurrency investors aren’t the only ones pouring significant capital into the AI industry. Traditional investments in AI have shot up exponentially since 2015, rising from $12.75 billion in 2015 to $119 billion in 2022. Some financial experts are predicting that number will rise to $1.5 trillion by 2030. A portion of these investments will be poured into AI-linked cryptocurrencies, driving their prices upward. 

InQubeta and other AI-linked cryptos leaving other cryptos behind as investments in AI increase

Artificial intelligence was once just an interesting idea sci-fi movies and novels explored. Things like self-driving cars seemed too far-fetched to ever become a reality. Fast forward a few decades later and cars with self-driving abilities are now mass-produced. 

AI is set to change how many industries operate while making those who invest in the technology lots of profits. The internet was the last major technological breakthrough and it drastically changed how the world works from how people interact with their loved ones to how businesses operate. 

Companies like Amazon that quickly seized the opportunity and built their business on the internet’s infrastructure have enjoyed significant profits since then. Amazon was valued at under $500 million in 1997, and it’s now valued at over a trillion dollars. A $10,000 investment in Amazon in 1997 would be worth over $2.2 million today. Many of the AI startups emerging today will enjoy comparable success as their products and services transform the world. 

InQubeta (QUBE) provides a platform that simplifies how AI startups raise capital while removing the barriers that often prevent potential investors from using traditional investment mediums like minimum investment amounts most people can’t afford. 

Companies raise capital on InQubeta’s network by developing ERC-20 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the InQubeta blockchain. These fractionalized NFTs are listed on the ecosystem’s blockchain where investors choose which tokens to invest in. Purchases are made with the platform’s native $QUBE tokens. The startup gets the funds it needs to push AI technology forward, while investors get equity and other rewards like profit-sharing. 

$QUBE tokens are deflationary to encourage constant price growth. This is done by taxing all marketplace transactions at a 2% rate and sending the funds accumulated through the tax to a burn wallet to be removed from the supply. 

$QUBE tokens are also used to secure, manage, and operate InQubeta’s blockchain, allowing investors to also earn profits by staking their coins. The tokens also provide access to the platform’s governance with the size of each investor’s portfolio establishing the weight of their voice. 

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Dogecoin (DOGE) not getting attention from investors looking for cryptos that solve real problems

Dogecoin has experienced more growth than most altcoins in 2023, despite being a meme coin. It probably would have experienced more growth if SpaceX founder Elon Musk didn’t recently warn investors “not to bet the farmhouse” on it. 

One of the factors that have slowed the growth of many cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin has been AI-link cryptos attracting more investors than altcoins that don’t serve any real purpose besides being a form of currency. Savvy cryptocurrency investors seem to be looking for more these days. 


2021 was the year of meme coins that don’t provide much utility, but 2023 is turning out to be the year of the cryptocurrencies that promote the growth of AI technology. InQubeta is leading the way as its presale generates buzz all over the cryptocurrency world. 

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