Infstones Global Partners With Core DAO to Become API Service Provider

by BSC News

February 15, 2023


Developers will utilize the API service to create unique dApps on the Core chain.

Infstones Announce Partnership with Core DAO

InfStones Global has announced its partnership with Core DAO. The ultimate web3 infrastructure platform is now an API service provider for the Layer one blockchain backed by the Satoshi Plus Consensus mechanism.

The Core DAO community can now utilize the protocol’s API service to create and launch top Decentralized Applications (dApp) on the Core network. InfStones published a Twitter thread on February 15th about the partnership, including the pricing for the unique service. According to the tweet, the API service can be utilized by any user, given its relatively fair pricing, including a free tier option.

Besides becoming Core DAO’s API service provider, InfStones is also a validator and RPC provider on the L1 blockchain. Founder and CEO of InfStones, Dr. Zhenwu Shi, was excited about supporting the network’s aspirations with its services.

"CoreDAO has created a layer one blockchain that does not compromise on security or decentralization through its innovative Satoshi Plus Consensus. We're excited to support CoreDAO's impressive global community with our PC, API, and validator services and help the organization accomplish its mission of becoming the foundational blockchain in Web3," Shi said.

Core DAO will leverage InfStones’ infrastructure support to continue thriving in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The blockchain protocol has already gained momentum after the successful airdrop. Further, numerous platforms, including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and memecoins, have started building on Core. With InfStones API service, BSC News expects a large influx of valuable projects and dApps on the fast-rising network.

What is Core DAO:

Core DAO is the official decentralized organization developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem. It represents an opportunity for miners to access new revenue streams by contributing hash power to the chain. Inspired by the principles of both blockchains, Core displays a deep appreciation for the crypto ecosystem's history and an even greater excitement for Core’s role in its future.

Where to find Core DAO:

Website | Docs | Twitter | Discord

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