Infinity Skies Releases Gameplay Trailer

The early gameplay teaser from Infinity Skies is drawing big-name comparisons.

Kyle Heise
December 21, 2021

GameFi Demo from Infinity Skies

The first demo trailer from Infinity Skies has dropped teasing users on gameplay before the New Year. With some important milestones in early 2022 on the roadmap, Infinity Skies will need all the momentum it can muster to reach a successful beta launch in March 2022.

The demo trailer, released via Twitter on Dec. 17th, gives some of the earliest peeks into the Infinity Skies developments. The previous teaser trailer from two weeks prior did not show too much but this latest teaser, despite being just over a minute, shows the early potential of the game. 

“Definitely a segment in the gaming world that will enjoy a #PlayToEarn game like this,” wrote twitter user @Factor_TC.

The gameplay gives off a feel similar to popular games like Minecraft mixed with The Sims, but with improved, cleaner graphics.

“Yeah a bit of sims but also has the dugeon [sic] crawler aspect which is not showcased in that video,” added @cagyjan1, a YouTube PlayToEarn reviewer.

The YouTube Cagy1 says he will be releasing a video on the gameplay in the coming days which was retweeted by the Infinity Skies account. The teasers are early and Infinity Skies team is hard at work going into the New Year to complete the next steps in the road map.

The unfeatured dungeon crawling aspect has many users clamoring in the Twitter comments for more information. Fans are throwing around game titles beyond Sims and Minecraft like Diablo and Fable. The comparisons run the gamut! 

“Now, we want events with ennemies [sic] summoning in front of our castle and we need to defend it ! Waaannaaaa fight ennemies !!!” wrote @Blancucul on Twitter. “Yeah I miss Diablo.”

What is Infinity Skies

Infinity Skies is a groundbreaking game within the sandbox genre where everything is an #NFT. The game’s ecosystem lets players create and socialize via its social platform plus trade and participate in numerous adventures. Users have the license to set their own short-term and long-term goals. The core features–– like gameplay-build, socialization, adventure, and trading––facilitate a play-to-earn masterpiece powered by the native $ISKY. Infinity Skies is still in the midst of development, and there has been a lot going on behind the scenes.

Where to find Infinity Skies:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

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