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IHeartDomains Makes It Easy to Obtain Web3 Domain Names

IHeartDomains allows users to mint new Web3 domain names and also offers existing domains for sale on the secondary market.

IHeartDomains Web3 Domain Name Broker and Registrar

New project IHeartDomains aims to simplify access to Web3 domain names across many blockchains.

Project Founder WenAirdrop told BSC News:

"We are a broker of already purchased and owned domains from ENS and Unstoppable Domains (so basically flipping domains) as well as a registrar for top-level domain extensions we own through Handshake $HNS and Decentraweb."

IHeartDomains has a portfolio of over 200 premium top-level and second-level domains. To acquire a Web3 domain name, mint one on the project’s website or purchase one on their OpenSea page.


WenAirdrop said a Web3 domain offers benefits, including: being a brandable username ID, functioning as a wallet ID (in lieu of a complicated crypto address), and hosting decentralized content online.

Moreover, Web3 domains offer robust security as the owner controls the domain, and no one can censor it. In its unveiling, IHeartDomains claimed its domains were free of contract hacks, alts, and hidden characters.

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