Hunt for ‘Island Spirits’ Begins in OVERtheReality, My Neighbor Alice Collaboration

The collaboration brings a new activity for users to enjoy.

My Neighbor Alice and OvertheReality Partnership

My Neighbor Alice and OVERtheReality collaborate to hunt ‘Island Spirits’, which are small creatures lurking around the Lummelunda archipelago in the biodiversity. Not only will hunting these creatures reward players with different prizes, but Diego Di Tommaso, Co-Founder of OVER, mentioned that he enjoys the treasure hunt as it is a simple but effective method for bringing together various projects as well as communities in the Web3 space. He also expressed his delight at having My Neighbor Alice as a partner for this new initiative.

Antonio Palma, My Neighbor Alice's Head of Business Development, stated that the team is thrilled to be working with OVER, mainly since they have a brilliant team behind an ambitious initiative.

"Exploration is critical to us," Antonio added, "and with this collaboration, our community shall be empowered to explore the real world and capture the Nature's Rest Island Spirits through their AR technology, just as players in our game can explore My Neighbor Alice's world."

Important information

The winners on the OVER App's Leaderboard will receive prizes, and the 'Top 10' players would be selected. Based on the Leaderboard, first place will receive 1,000 $ALICE, second place will receive 500 $ALICE, third place will receive 300 $ALICE, and finally fourth to tenth place will receive 50 $ALICE.

In addition, players can win $ALICE by tweeting video content about their Island Spirit Hunt, with the winners of the top five videos that are shared on Twitter during the hunt receiving 20 $ALICE each. Finally, the 'Top 100' players in the game will be given a one-of-a-kind Spirit NFT T-Shirt. In order to take part, users are required to first download the official app before going outside to catch the Island Spirits. Be sure to also use the #MNASpiritHunt and #comeonover hashtags in the tweets to be eligible.

Not only can the hunt be participated in from anywhere, but logging in is also a simple matter as it can be done via any social account like Google, WeChat and Facebook. Users can also log in by either clicking on the My Neighbor Alice banner on the application's homepage or on 'Play to Earn.' Furthermore, the game will be available on the OVER app from September 5th to September 26th, 2022.

What is My Neighbor Alice:

Based on blockchain technology, My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer farming and building game that offers its services and features to millions of players. Anyone can buy and own digital islands, collect and build interesting items, make new friends, take part in different community events, and more. Essentially, the game aims to offer gamers both a tranquil and profitable way to pass the time, as it is ideal for anyone who may prefer a more relaxing experience as opposed to the traditional competitive environment.

My Neighbor Alice is thus a warm and welcoming, completely decentralized open world in which players work together to shape the Lummelunda archipelago. The game manages to combine the best of both worlds: an enjoyable narrative for regular gamers who want to appreciate the gameplay experience, in addition to an ecosystem for those who wish to earn, collect and trade NFTs. Lastly, as the game does not have any significant entry barriers, anyone can get involved despite even having no idea what an NFT is.

For additional information, check out the official website along with the Twitter, Telegram and YouTube channels.

What is OVERtheReality:

The OVER metaverse is one of the most popular metaverses on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides a global, open-source AR (Augmented Reality) environment which enables users to enjoy live interactions and experiences tailored in the real world, provided that they have a mobile device or a pair of smart glasses in addition to also having a reliable Internet connection.

As there is an abundance of metaverse-based games nowadays, the OVER metaverse seeks to distinguish itself by becoming the inaugural content browser in which users are not restricted by their physical location, which means that anyone can participate from anywhere. Moreover, as it is open source, it enables the community to be committed to its growth, as anyone can easily contribute to the OVER ecosystem.

For more information, visit the official website and Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Medium channels.

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