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HUMBL Brings a Series of Updates for Web3 Progression

With the launch of HUMBL wallet, marketplace, and Search3 engine, HUMBL looks to lead the way in Web3.

Bridging Web2 to Web3

HUMBL has brought a score of updates within a month as they launched the HUMBL wallet, marketplace, HUMBLl Search 3 engine, and more tools.

In a recent HUMBL shareholder call on July 12, CEO Brian Foote discussed the latest developments, highlighting the unique attributes.  Here are some of the updates: 

HUMBL Wallet 

HUMBL has recently launched its Web3 wallet. The wallet is currently available in the Apple Store and on Google Play, and currently serves more than 100 countries.  Here are some of its attributes: 

  • It is a digital wallet that facilitates purchasing, selling, receiving, storing, and exchanging digital assets such as ETH, BLOCKS, and USDC
  • The wallet allows the usage of digital assets with Web3 search engines, websites, and merchants.
  • The HUMBL Wallet allows integration with other wallets, including MetaMask and Coinbase. 
  • It is also possible to store Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through ERC-721 collectibles and connect them to Web 3 social media platforms, among other options.

Some users have expressed their thoughts concerning the recent HUMBL wallet: 


The HUMBL Search3 engine allows consumers to search NFTs directly from their wallets and across networks like Ethereum, BLOCKS, Polygon, Solana, and Gnosis. A consumer can also verify that NFTs are "Verified by BLOCKS," preventing fraud and forgery on NFT marketplaces. 

Blocks DAO, who claims to be the world’s first DAO LLC, ties HUMBL Web2 to Web3 verification, which means every single transaction on Search3 will be verified by the Blocks.

“For example, Ray Jones just created his tokenized landing page that currently has content and has already been verified. But he also has the ability to embed that page into the search engines of Web2. When people click on his links, it will bridge them to Search3 information that he has complete control over,” Kelli Mactaggart, Marketing Lead at Blocks DAO, explained to BSC News about the tokenized landing page.

During the first month after launch, Search3 received nearly 2 million searches. Learn more about the Search3 engine here.

HUMBL Marketplace 

HUMBL's marketplace was launched on July 12 on search engines with keywords and tokenized landing pages. Users can discover “good deals” on tickets and merchandise through the marketplace. Currently, sports, music, and entertainment tickets sale are live. 

Additionally, the HUMBL marketplace showcases NFT collections from artists and prominent personalities. There are currently NFTs for sale in the marketplace from sports people such as the Argentine Olympic surfer Leandro Osuna and the Fijian professional rugby player Semi Radradra.


The HUMBL Pro platform is also in testing for the early September 2022 football season launch to drive revenues and campaigns. This will allow verified accounts to function as a Web3 CRM dashboard for sellers. 

Source: HUMBL Product Updates at a Glance

HUMBL Secures S1 Registration

HUMBL has been attending weekly roundtable meetings with the governor and attorney general of California. The meetings center around implementing the executive order that was signed to lay out the plan to integrate California into blockchain technology.

Furthermore, HUMBL recently acquired their S1 registration statement on July 28 as they registered their securities with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), marking a significant milestone for the company. 

“S1 allows us to open more potential capital pathways to go and meet with investment banks and others that need you to be fully reporting to contemplate raising capital for you,” Foote shared in a recent HUMBL progress update

SEC Form S-1 is the initial registration form for new securities required by the SEC for public companies based in the U.S. Investors can perform due diligence on new offerings by viewing S-1 filings online.


What is HUMBL: 

HUMBL, Inc. creates digital payment mobile apps. It enables borderless transactions by combining multiple currencies, payment methods, banks, blockchain, and financial service providers into a single customer click. In addition, the company's online marketplace connects customers and merchants in programs such as improved global commerce, deal discovery, and blockchain tokenization. 

HUMBL will also provide other credit, lending, and financial services and develop new software and algorithms for the digital asset trading markets, which are a new global market for blockchain technologies. Brian Foote founded the company on November 12, 2009, with its headquarters in San Diego, California.

Where to find HUMBL Pay:

Website | Twitter 


BLOCKS DAO LLC claims to be the world's first DAO-based LLC, formed in Wyoming, USA. It was designed to bring enterprise-level blockchain technology to businesses the world over. The decentralized adoption approach aims to tackle several challenges organizations face when attempting to leverage technology by utilizing a democratic structure that is easy to deploy. 

Find more about BLOCKS DAO here:

Website | Twitter | Gitbook | Discord | Blog 

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