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Hong Kong Issues Rules for Asset Tokenization to Meet Growing Demands

Through the release of two comprehensive circulars, the SFC has provided detailed guidance for intermediaries involved in tokenized securities-related activities and outlined specific requirements for SFC-authorized investment products. 

Hong Kong's Financial Development Spurs Regulation

Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has taken a decisive step in overseeing the city's digital asset tokenization activities, affirming its strategic positioning as a leading Web3 hub in Asia. 

The SFC has released two circulars outlining specific requirements for SFC-authorized investment products and comprehensive guidance for intermediaries involved in tokenized securities-related activities.

According to the SFC, tokenized securities are contemporary versions of conventional securities, which are subject to the same legal and regulatory requirements as traditional securities. The agency mandates that product providers designate at least one experienced staff member to manage these innovative setups under this framework.

The SFC has emphasized the benefits of tokenization in improving operational efficiency and mitigating intermediary dependence. It is expected that tokenization will improve product efficiency and reduce operating costs, a move that has generated considerable interest in the market.

Hong Kong's Proactive Crypto Initiatives

Hong Kong has emerged as a preferred destination for companies seeking to establish operations within its burgeoning digital asset landscape due to the surge in local and international interest. Hong Kong's proactive approach to digital assets has distinguished it as a dynamic marketplace, with recent issuances of tokenized green bonds worth $800 million. 

Earlier, the SFC required licensed trading platforms to implement a compensation arrangement, mitigating potential losses of security tokens, in order to maintain market integrity and investor protection. 

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