Hold-to-Earn: Ignore Fud, A Core Chain-based Meme Token that Supports DeFi and Blockchain Innovations

by BSC News

March 19, 2023


The community-centric meme token allows users to earn passive income by simply holding its native token on Core Chain.

Ignore Fud is a novel meme token on the Core chain that supports decentralized finance and blockchain innovations. Its objective is to facilitate the onboarding of more cryptocurrency users into Core DAO and the wider crypto industry. Ignore Fud boasts a community-centric meme ecosystem and a distinctive hold-to-earn feature, which enables investors to earn rewards by holding its native token “4 Token”. Additionally, investors gain exposure to a vast and robust user community from across the globe.

The 4 Token

The official token of the Ignore Fud project is “4”. The token, slated to launch via partner DEX, ArcherSwap, on March 24 will be a community-focused Meme token that forms part of the expanding Core DAO ecosystem. 4 TOKEN allows users to Hold-to-Earn $USDT stablecoin. 

Token Details and Tokenomics

Name: Ignore Fud 

Symbol: 4TOKEN 

Decimals: 18 

Blockchain: Core DAO

Max and Total Supply: 40 billion

Token Allocation

50% (20,000,000,000 4 TOKEN): Public Launch

40% (16,000,000,000 4 TOKEN: Reserved

6% (2,400,000,000 4 TOKEN): Ecosystem Fund for operational expenses and growth

4% (1,600,000,000 4 TOKEN):  Airdrop + Marketing

The snapshot for the airdrop has been scheduled for March 20, followed by the airdrop distribution on March 24. 

For the airdrop, 160 million 4 token each will be distributed across 10 rounds which includes Community Members, Media Partners and Influencers, Core DAO Community, and more. Find more details regarding the 4 token airdrop distribution in the whitepaper

Tax Information

There are no “Buy” or “Transfer” taxes on 4 Token. However, there is an 8% Sell Tax on DEXes, of which 3% is converted to USDT and distributed as reflections to holders who have 400,000 or more 4 tokens. This allows 4 token holders to earn passive income.

2% will be automatically added to the liquidity pool, ensuring that the price stability is sustained. 2% of the Sell Tax will be burned, keeping the token price deflationary from the onset, while the remaining 1% will be converted to $CORE and allocated for operational expenses and growth fund to expand token utility. 

4 Token Use Cases

4 Token will begin as a meme token, but there are plans to create various use cases for it in the future. Some of the proposed use cases include:

  • Blockchain Validator/Staking Node like CORE Staking Node, ADA Staking Node, BNB Staking Node, Cosmos Staking Node, New Blockchains with Staking Node, and even other potential Tokens that earn staking rewards.
  • NFT Marketplace with 4,000 Ignore Fud NFT Collections.
  • Compounding Crypto Asset "Vaults"
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  • Community Suggestions 

Deflationary & Burning Mechanism

The deflationary and burning mechanism of the 4 Token involves three components. Firstly, 2% of tokens are burnt from the Sell Tax. Secondly, Ignore Fud plans to introduce Utility and Blockchain validator nodes, and other tokens that earn staking rewards. A percentage of monthly revenue will be utilized to buyback and burn 4 Token. Lastly, there will be Ignore Fud 4,000 NFT collections, and all the money generated from selling NFTs will be used to buyback and burn 4 Tokens.

This deflationary and burning mechanism is designed to reduce the circulating supply of Tokens over time and create a scarcity effect that may lead to an increase in the Token's value. 

Token Burn will continue as Ignore Fud earns revenue and continues to grow. This approach aims to create a sustainable Token Economy that is based on actual usage and value.

Security Audit

Ignore Fud announced that it has passed KYC with Core DAO, with details on the smart contract audit still in process. 

Ignore Fud’s Hold-to-Earn mechanism allows users to earn passive income by holding 4 Token, and the deflationary and burning mechanism is designed to reduce the circulating supply of Tokens over time, creating a scarcity effect that may lead to an increase in the token value. 

With plans to introduce various use cases in the future and a commitment to a sustainable token economy based on actual usage and value, Ignore Fud has the potential to become an exciting addition to the cryptocurrency industry. 

To Learn more about Ignore Fud, visit the following links:

Website | TwitterDiscord | Telegram | WhitePaper

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