HederaStarter AMA Transcript

" HederaStarter is the decentralized innovation engine crafted for Hedera "

1 Firstly, please can you introduce yourself and the team behind Hedera Starter?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

First up we've got our Co-Founder(and my partner) Mark Berger. Experienced advisor to many different projects. Focused on investors and partner relationships. Mark sold his first startup to Europe’s biggest media company.Mark has helped build a vast network of institutional, family, individual funds and more and brings a massive network of resources to every project incubated by HederaStarter.

Next is Jochen Krause, the Chief Technical Officer of HederaStarter. Jochen focused on the development of HederaStarter on the Hedera Hashgraph Network. He has served as a CTO multiple times and now currently leads both the Valdon Group and Valdon Mesh as the Head of Operations. And finally myself, Conor, I serve as our other Co-Founder and am focused on business development, operations, marketing, and community development. Essentially running the day to day operations of HederaStarter and making sure everything runs smoothly. I’ve built projects on various chains including Ethereum, Fantom, Harmony, BSC, Avalanche, Solana and Near among others

2 Can you give us an overview of what Hedera Starter is all about?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

HederaStarter is a launchpad on the Hedera Network. Our aim is to incubate and launch various projects including, Defi, Gamefi, NFTs and pretty much any other kind of project you could imagine. Our incubation process takes a project through each stage that is necessary in order to provide a successful launch

This includes support in: General foundation of the project (nailing down ideas and creation), tokenomics, marketing, raising funds, and any other areas that may be required. Our goal is to launch high quality projects that will help boost the Hedera Network into the top 10 ranks among Defi in all chains, and do so with honesty and integrity. You could say the overall mass adoption of Hedera is one of our larger goals.

3 One thing that a lot of our community may be unfamiliar with as well as perhaps people used to only using the classic EVM chains is the Hedera Hashgraph network/ecosystem. Could you tell us about that and how it differs from a typical EVM blockchain?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

Sure, Hedera Hashgraph as you might’ve guessed by the name is not a blockchain. It functions similarly however so getting the two confused is definitely understandable. Hedera Utilizes something called the Hashgraph Consensus Algorithm which, to cut out most of the technical jargon, essentially means Hedera has a few features that are definitely worth boasting. Some of those features being the transactions per second (TPS), average gas fees, finality, and energy consumption, as well as security.

Some of those stats include:

The TPS of Hedera has been confirmed as over 10,000 transactions per second, not bad compared to Etherium’s 12ish,

Average gas fees? A fraction of a penny, sitting on average around $0.0001USD,

Hedera reaches transaction finality in under 5 seconds,

Consumes 0.00017 KWH per transaction. For comparison yet again Etherium uses ~102 KWH per transaction. For those of you who are bad at math… Thats a MASSIVE difference,

And the cherry on top of the cake is security. The Hedera Network boasts the highest-grade of security possible (ABFT) Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

Quite a lot of things really that make Hedera something special for all of us to build on!

4 Why are you deciding to launch on both BNB chain and also Hedera and not just perhaps Hedera?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

Great question! Short answer: Liquidity and Users, long answer: we understand that BNB is a great nexus of interaction, it has many bridges that go to other very popular smart contract platforms and by launching on BNB chain eventually we're able to leverage all of those amazing capabilities of BNB and the chain connected to it and bring them to Hedera allowing us to kick off a Hedera Summer so to say!

5 This question is a little off the topic however do you expect to see Hedera Hashgraph/HBAR growth over the next few years?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

So within the next ~6 months we're beginning to see the initial DeFi primitives being deployed, DEXs Lending services etc and us as a launchpad to launch a lot of these projects. Then we'd expect to see alot more gaming and NFT metaverse projects, Hedera has an insanely VIBRANT NFT community and the ideas and demos that they've been producing have been downright amazing, and I hope that Hedera really is able to compete with gaming dapps on solana as an example.

6 Following on from that a little bit as well what do you recommend to our users to perhaps prepare to use Hedera, for example which wallet application to use?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

Yep so right now the only major working wallet for Hedera is the hashpack wallet (link here:! But pretty soon the Hedera development team will be adding the necessary Web3 functionality to support popular wallets like Metamask etc!

7 Thank you! I have been really impressed with how open and transparent you have been with your community as well with all the twitter spaces/AMAs keeping them up to date. With this in mind can you tell us about the recent release changes you have made and what the roadmap/plans are now for the near future?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

Of course! The biggest changes we've made has been the release of our dApp on the BNB  testnet, we've had it audited twice now and it is working perfectly over at: , and now that the BNB side is finished we're finalizing efforts on the Hedera side and expect that to be done within the next 60-75 days and then we'll push both to release and hopefully kickoff the summer of Hedera!

8 Merci, can you tell us how Hedera Starter is unique from other launchpads?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

Por supuesto mi amigo ( I'll warn you this is gonna be a long one!)

A good place to start with this question is that HederaStarter is governed by a DAO. This means each project that is going through our incubation process will essentially be voted on by participating members of the DAO in order to pass through to a finalised incubation state and can proceed to an IDO. This allows us to have an unbelievable “Security system”. Most launchpads have a team designated to vetting projects and doing due diligence; this is the case with our team as well, however we have the added benefit of potentially thousands of additional “team members” vetting each project rigorously. Essentially the investors become part of the incubation team and autonomously create one of the most fluid and intensive incubation processes a launchpad could offer. This allows us to not only move through each project more quickly, but also audit any flaws or even add new ideas for the project as discovered by the participating community.

9 You mentioned that Hedera Starter is a DAO governed incubator, can you tell us more about this and to what extent decision making and execution is autonomous?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

Yep, our DAO governed incubator is one of the features I'm most excited about among the many other things that we're bringing to market:

So each participating member in the DAO (Everyone who is staking a certain amount of our token $HSTART in the DAO) will have voting power in the governance aspect of the DAO.

This means that all major decisions being made about our project, including which projects move to incubation and which need more work, will be voted on by participating members of the DAO. Like we said above, this gives us the ability to include thousands of extra eyes to ensure the success of us as a launchpad, but also each and every project we incubate as well.

Basically rather than the whole process of incubation being a typically opaque process from the community's standpoint, we're opening it up to them and inviting them to help us!

10 Can you tell us a little more about the HSTART token including its wider utility and the tokenomics also?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

First utility:

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

The $HSTART token essentially gives you the opportunity to actively participate in Hedera Starter. On the HDAO, members stake $HSTART and receive an NFT that grants them access to our Industry Council. On the HPAD side, members gain access to allocations which gives them the power to invest in projects they love. Staking $HSTART also allows you to passively 'mine' our second token $HPRIME which is minted to all $HSTART stakers on a square root function. Secondly, the tokenomics of our utility token can be found in our deck. The distribution of our tokenomics has been carefully structured to ensure that Hedera Starter stands the test of time. Our team has experience launching hundreds of projects so our distributions come from experience but we are very open to suggestions from our community. We've got long vestings, solid cliffs and a focus on the community with our tokens with less than 15% of the TS going towards initial investors and the public IDO

11 What changes can we expect when Hedera integrates EVM compatibility?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

Hedera has been great at rolling out the needed features pretty quickly actually! Were looking at a timeframe of this June-July for the EVM from Hedera to have all of the functions that we need to operate! So if I had to estimate a timeline I'd say into July is when we'd begin to see some exciting things kicking off on Hedera!

12 Can you tell us about the Incubator and Accelerator program you have?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

Sure! Were currently incubating two major defi primitives, Tangent Finance a DEX/AMM with some juicy yield opportunities and Metastable a stableswap a-la Curve! We've also got a pipeline of 5 other projects that are primarily NFTand GameFi projects! So we're pretty locked and loaded so to say!

13 Is there anything I have not asked that you would like to mention?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

Honestly check out our Youtube channel:

We produce some amazing content that covers the projects we're incubating, the state of the market, DeFi strategies and general Hedera news! We cover quite a lot and are very different from the typical protocol youtube channel!😁

14 Before we wrap things up would you be able to once again drop your socials and project links?

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

Of course! Here they are:

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter, [18/05/2022 00:06]


Telegram Announcements:

Telegram Community:






Thank you sir! It has been great chatting and also great having a project from Hedera here! We will have an article of this published on our website shortly for all to share with relevant communities :)

Co-Founder Conor | HederaStarter

Thats awesome, thank you Tom the chat has been wonderful, and you, your team and the community have been an absolute pleasure!

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