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GMR Launch Latest BSC Giveaway

The latest giveaway initiative will look to draw users toward the Festival of Gaming.

GMR Gaming and Giving

After a week of giving throughout Binance Smart Chain, it appears as though GMR are ready to get in on the act. 

Fifteen lucky winners will each receive $100 worth of $GMR in the latest giveaway initiative announced by the project on December 29 via Twitter.

The steps to participate are fairly simplistic and designed to garner more exposure for the project:


What is the Festival of Gaming?

Earlier this year the GMR Center, in partnership with E-fuse, announced plans for hundreds of gaming and crypto-related events for the next six months. 

In what has been prepared as the Festival of Gaming (FOG), the six-month event is created to celebrate everything gaming and you – the gamer, the project states. Users have the opportunity to get involved in tournaments, events, streams, prizes, rewards and more. 

There have already been announcements for a $1,000 cash giveaway and a Mini Royale tournament with prizes up to $2500. 

“The Festival of Gaming is a community designed event and we invite anyone to join us on a 6-month journey filled with exciting prize giveaways, gaming community tournaments and events, along with sponsored streams with some of your favourite gaming influencers showcasing their talents on this massive stage,” the blog announcement from December 1 reads.

What is GMR Finance 

GMR Finance is a utility token that focuses on gaming and gamer experience. They term themselves as gaming crypto by gamers, for gamers. GMR is a tech start-up with headquarters based in Manchester, UK, working with remote teams from across the world. The team at GMR is building tools with cutting-edge Web3 technology to revolutionize the gaming world. Our team is made up of a group of gamers and developers with years of experience in the industries of gaming, web development, marketing, business, and finance. 

Where to find more about GMR:

Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Reddit | Twitch | YouTube |

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