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GamerPay Brings Skins for Cash Innovation for Web3 Games

A new fiat onramp will help eliminate Web3 onboarding headaches for users.

Gamer Skins Become NFTs

GamerPay announced it will introduce skins as Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) on its Web3 games beginning Dec. 14. The catch is that users will have to pay with fiat!

GamerPay users can easily manage their Web3 and Web2 assets by using a new fiat onramp model. The marketplace on GamerPay is already one of the top Counter-Strike skins sites, but the skins are helping GamerPay’s popular Web3 shooter game,, take the next step as well. 

“This skin is setting a new standard for how cool skins can be in Once you hear this gun in-game you will know trouble is around,” Anders Moller, Head of New Games, GamerPay told BSC News.

The popularity of Counter-Strike is helping boost the popularity of With around 35,000 daily active users, the NFT skins addition is another step towards bridging the gap between traditional gamers and Web3. 

The game will introduce NFT skins from the Ninjas in Pajamas Esports team. There will be a total supply of 275 Web3 crossover skins. The crossover is definitely exciting the community, according to Moller.

“From the feedback we got so far, the users are stoked you will now be able to get a NIP skin in the game. We made a survey from the people who have joined the NIP AR waitlist,” Moller said. “The feedback was that most wanted the skin because it was so cool, while the second biggest reason was that it is the first Esport weapon skin in the game.”

Through building this onramp, the GamerPay team also hopes they can eliminate some of the pitfalls for users who normally shy away from crypto usage. Esoteric crypto issues like setting up a wallet, taxation, and more will not be needed with GamerPay’s new model.

"Players want to play games and not deal with crypto wallets and exotic tokens. When regular players in the future give or another Web3 game a go, they only have to focus on the game. They don't need to hold crypto, understand on and off-ramp, and the taxation complexity that crypto brings. This launch will help Web3 games to go more mainstream,” said Mathias Hermansen, Co-Founder, GamerPay in a Nov. 29 press release.

For more information about the upcoming launch see the press release

What is GamerPay:

GamerPay is a marketplace for trading gaming skins and assets. GamerPay is free to use for sellers and costs only 5% for buyers. The platform was founded in November 2020. GamerPay is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. GamerPay partners with the Swedish Esports organization, Ninjas in Pyjamas for CS:GO skins. GamerPay has about 200,000 monthly user visits.

Where to find GamerPay:

Website | Twitter | Discord | YouTube |

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