Gala Games Holds Sale on Spider Tanks Planetary Node Licenses

Gala Games has a released a litepaper and Node Atlas for the Spider Tanks GameFi project. The planetary node sale ends Sept. 4.

Node License, Not an NFT

Gala Games, a blockchain gaming ecosystem platform with multiple games, put planetary node licenses up for sale for one of their first games, Spider Tanks.

The sale is one of the most recent updates Gala Games shared about Spider Tanks as the gaming company recently released the Litepaper and a Node Atlas for their Web3 project. The sale was announced through a tweet on Aug. 30 and will last until 9:30 p.m. UTC Sept. 4.

“The item for sale is a Spider Tank Planetary Node license,” Gala Games said in a Medium post. “Like other Node licenses, this is a Gala platform database owned item, rather than a blockchain-backed NFT. Ownership of the license unlocks your ability to operate the Node software and earn rewards. There are currently no plans for Planetary Node licenses to be transferable assets.”

Node prices start at $2,000 and will increase by $100 for every 100 nodes sold, capping at $5,000 each. Nodes can be purchased using $GALA or $ETH and players will also get an additional Drop Pod as a bonus for participating in the sale, allowing for an additional tank to participate in Spider Tank’s pilot program.

Check out the full announcement by Gala Games for more information.


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