Friend.Tech Copycats Emerge: A Top 3 List

by BSC News

September 25, 2023


The success of Friend Tech has led to a wave of copycats and similar projects aiming to replicate its achievements.

The Rise of

The recent meteoric ascent of, a social platform introducing novel concepts around user "shares" and privileges, has garnered significant attention and community interest.

Since its launch on August 10, has witnessed an unprecedented surge, amassing over 100,000 addresses within days. Notably, the platform's Total Value Locked (TVL) has catapulted sixfold in the last three weeks, reaching an impressive $39.15 million.

This remarkable success has propelled into the spotlight and sparked a flurry of similar projects and copycats seeking to replicate its achievements. 

Source: Twitter

Here, we will spotlight three emerging ventures, offering insights into their unique features and potential impact on the crypto landscape. Join us as we delve into the intriguing world of these innovative platforms.

1. was developed by experts in onchain social techniques, prioritizing user interaction while prioritizing security with MPC key technology. 

Post Tech allows users to accumulate points by creating posts, engaging with others, hashtagging, inviting friends, and trading shares. Users can invest in profiles, sharing 5% of the total trading volume generated by those shares. Additionally, Referral Rewards incentivize users to refer others.

Unlike Friend Tech, Post Tech closely mirrors Twitter's interface, making it familiar to users. Message visibility extends to all group chat participants, enabling transparency. Moreover, Post Tech introduces the unique feature of trading individual posts, turning tweets into tradable assets.

Source: Twitter

2. SharesGram

SharesGram reportedly bridges communities and decentralized finance, offering a way to create, manage, and trade shares. These shares represent units of stocks issued by influencers, DAOs, or individuals, granting access to exclusive content and potentially profitable ownership.

As a community owner or user, you can reportedly manage subscription models and watch shares' value grow. Owning shares grants access to private groups, and these shares can be traded for profit.


The platform opens a platform of growth and success for influencers and businesses. Users can design shares, list them in a marketplace, purchase and trade them, and enjoy benefits such as exclusive content, voting rights, and dividends.

The platform's token, $SHARES, serves as the universal medium of value, allowing for staking, revenue sharing, and integration with existing social platforms, enhancing visibility and broadening reach.

Source: Shares.Finance Twitter

Decentralizing the Social Landscape

The emergence of these Friendtech competitors highlights the competitive nature of this evolving socialfi landscape. recently announced that it would penalize users who opted for forks or copycat versions of its platform. However, the platform received backlash with hundreds of negative comments and reposts condemning the app's anti-competitive nature.

Following the community's strong reaction,'s founder, "Racer," issued a public apology, acknowledging the misstep and attributing it to the fear of potential competition for the app. 

While has garnered substantial attention within a short timeframe, the future of similar platforms remains uncertain. Each of these emerging ventures, whether it's, SharesGram, or, brings its unique features and opportunities to the table.

It will only be a matter of time before decentralized social interaction becomes more innovative, enhanced user experiences and many options abound.


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