FlokiFi Locker TVL Is Now Tracked by DefiLlama

by BSC News

January 4, 2023


FlokiFi Locker TVL is visible on DefiLlama and already up to over $3 million!

FlokiFi Locker TVL on DefiLlama

DefiLlama is now tracking the total volume locked of Floki’s FlokiFi asset locker. The popular Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tool now shows the assets clearly to its millions of users.

The development dropped on January 4, with the FlokiFi Twitter account proudly tweeting an image of the dashboard display with the FlockiFi Locker lettering and imagery. The DefiLlama tracker transparently displays the distribution of FlockFi assets between the many blockchains connected to the locker.

So far, over $3 million USD has been locked into the system, with the majority coming through Ethereum at $2.5 million. The FlokiFi website also lists over 1.08k total transactions to lock assets on the protocol.

FlokiFi Locker is a multi-chain protocol that supports 12 EVM-compatible blockchains, including BNB Chain. The protocol locks up digital assets using an ERC-1155 multi-token standard solution. This standard can batch lock fungible tokens, Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), and other token types together through a single contract in a single transaction.

FlokiFi is just the next step in the creation of the massive Flokiverse. With the launch of Valhalla behind them, the community is ready to see the next steps and grow into 2023.

What is Floki:

Floki Inu began with a tweet from Elon Musk. When the billionaire announced he would name his Shiba Inu puppy Floki, it created a deluge of ‘Floki’ dogcoins. The most successful of these is Floki Inu. Floki Inu is currently the third most popular meme token on the market, behind Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. It is backed by a community of committed enthusiasts and a strong marketing campaign.

Where to find Floki:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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