Explaining DinoX Perks for BSC News NFT Holders

by BSC News

October 15, 2022


A rundown of the perks DinoX provides for BSC News NFT holders.

DinoX Brings Benefits for BSC News NFT Holders

The BSC News NFT mint has been open to the public since September 14, roughly one month ago as of writing. The BSC News NFT promises its holders extreme utility across the BNB Chain ecosystem, and one of its leading partners is the dinosaur-themed play-and-earn game DinoX.

In this article, we explain the perks and benefits DinoX is providing to BSC News NFT holders as a demonstration of utility.

DinoX Unique Server Role and Channel

Holding a BSC News NFT grants multiple perks in the DinoX Discord. Holders who verify their ownership of a BSC News NFT by connecting their wallet will gain the “BSCNewsaurus” role as well as access to the “BSC News Secret Society” channel. This channel is where BSC News NFT and DinoX collaborative events will take place. So to gain access to DinoX-related perks, connect your wallet and verify your status in the server.

Reward for Joining Server and Verifying Holder Status

As a reward for joining the DinoX server and verifying holder status, users can claim a Liberation Crystal NFT. Each user can only submit one wallet address, meaning this reward can only be claimed once per user.

DinoX Quiz

The DinoX Quiz is another way that holders can earn rewards. Players are asked 5 questions about the DinoX platform, each with their own level of difficulty. Every correct answer earns the player 4 units of Ancient Spice, the DinoX in-game soft currency. Players who answer all 5 questions correctly are awarded two Building Bots NFTs and one Liberation Crystal NFT.

The answers to all five questions can be found in the DinoX whitepaper or in DinoX official Medium articles. This quiz will be open for the entire campaign but is limited to one attempt per user.

In-Game Perk: Gen 1 Egg Raffle

Rounding things out, DinoX is also offering a limited-time in-game perk for BSC News NFT holders. Starting on October 12 and running through October 31, players who complete 15 encounters in the DinoX game will be able to enter a raffle for 50 Gen 1 Dinosaur Eggs. This is a limited-time offer, so interested users are advised to complete the encounters as quickly as possible to reserve a spot in the raffle. The draw for the winners will be held shortly after the contest ends.

Users can mint BSC News NFTs on Rareboard here. Check out the BSC News NFT website, Twitter, Discord server, and Linktree to learn more about the utility it brings to holders.

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