Elfin Kingdom Brings Users New Gameplay for New Year

The new game is free to play, featuring quests, combats, and more.

Utulu Hope
January 3, 2022
BSC News

Elfin Kingdom Launches PlaytoEarn Game 

Elfin Kingdom has kickstarted the new year with its new game for users. Following a successful funding round held last year, the promising PlaytoEarn project on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) looks to continue developing in the GameFi industry. 

According to Cryptoslate’s press release on December 23rd, Elfin Kingdom obtained $5.25M in a private funding round co-led by Almeda Research and Binance Labs towards developing its GameFi platform. The investment round has yielded a positive impact as the project launched its new game for users on January 1st. 

“Is everyone ready to go on an #Elfin catching mission? Just a couple of minutes left! Get your #elfincatchers ready!” Elfin Kingdom announced the game’s launch via Twitter

The game allows users to capture Elfins, collect and create stronger and unique ones. Elfins is the native Non-fungible Token (NFT) collection of the PlaytoEarn GameFi project. 

Users can also solve unique quests, strengthen their Elfins, and create storylines. To play the game, users will need to connect their wallets and earn $KING from completing daily tasks and more. In addition, users can also earn $ELFIN tokens by playing the game. 

“In the Elfin Kingdom, the residents have developed the ElfinCatcher — a device specifically to capture and contain Elfins. They could use $KINGS to purchase ElfinCatchers and use ElfinCatchers to capture human-friendly Elfins,” the protocol’s website read. 

Elfin Kingdom Among BSC’s Elite

The protocol has experienced significant growth in the industry, becoming one of the fastest-growing crypto metaverse projects on Binance Smart Chain. As of this writing, the protocol is ranked 8th in terms of users, according to DappRadar. This places the GameFi project amongst other top GameFi metaverses on BSC like MOBOX, XWorld Games, Bomb Crypto, etc. 

With the launch of its new game, Elfin is one of the numerous GameFi projects to look out for this year on BSC. 

About Elfin Kingdom 

Elfin Kingdom is a browser-based game merging Decentralized Finance (DeFi) yield farming and NFTs. The PlaytoEarn platform is built on BSC; users can play the game by connecting to a Metamask wallet. 

The gameplay mimics the old-school Gameboy pokemon games in a 2D metaverse featuring a unique NFT collection, quests, and many more. 

For more details about Elfin Kingdoms, visit their media links below: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium 

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