EFUN - The Pioneer Platform for Games of Predictions on Web3 and the Metaverse

If you ever wanted to make bets on basically any activity, EFUN gives you that opportunity.

December 20, 2021

The Science Behind the Games

If humankind was to make a shortlist of Top 100 satisfying sentences to say to friends, many of us would agree that “I told you so” would make it to the top of the list! But why? The reason is so simple and so very reminiscent of life: we human beings need to make decisions every day in our life, using the past experience and knowledge but most of the time we need to decide while not being fully informed. So our brains do the homework all the time letting us speculate and predict the most likely outcomes for each action or event.

And we’ve become addicted to it, without even asking ourselves why. And this keeps passing on, old time to modern, past to future, generation by generation, with our earthly activities OR on the Metaverse to come.

-       Which team will win the 2022 Worldcup?

-       Who will be the next President of the United States?

-       Who will win Miss World competition 2021?

-       Will Bitcoin price exceed 100k USD in the next 3 months?

 The joy and excitement of sharing your votes and waiting for the actual results is always stunning. Much as you enjoy the correct predictions, the pitiful feeling of wrong answers and the self-analysis that follows it always earns you both knowledge and fun.


Sports Betting Vs. Games of Prediction

For thousands of years in existence, human beings have never stopped betting: from the human fights at the Roman Colosseum to the Augmented Reality races on Metaverse with virtual digital horses or cars. Betting is part of the games and is double, maybe even triple the fun and joy. However, in many countries, sport betting is considered “illegal” because hundreds of thousands of addicted people readily spend all their hard-earned money on it, regardless of the consequences. Thus was born a series of centralized, heavily regulated and taxed sports betting houses, which makes it difficult and expensive to simply enjoy the sports.

The Game of Predictions does cover sport events, however, it’s bigger than just that. Anything in life could be the topic of Prediction: will it rain tomorrow? Will Lucy wear Red? Can Tom break the records? Anything. This is where the centrally run Book Makers waive the white flags, and a fully decentralized, peer to peer, transparent and easy to join prediction platform should be “handy” when we all want it. And so comes EFUN!


“Predict to Earn” on Metaverse With EFUN

EFUN is a pioneer platform for the games of predictions on Web3 and the Metaverse. May it be a Sport match, a presidential Election or a Miss World competition etc...EFUN makes it possible for the evaluators to learn about the opinions of the masses,  for the public to raise their equal voices and for the brands to enhance awareness through sponsoring top predictive competitions.

Holders of EFUN tokens have the right to participate in any Events of their choice, show the knowledge through accurate voting and enjoy financial gains. Powered by blockchain technology, EFUN's mission is to make the Games of Predictions not only fun and beneficial but also transparent, trust-worthy and irreversible.


How it Works

EFUN is a decentralized predictive platform based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and Smart Contracts. EFUN is a convenient, transparent and easy-to-use platform for peer-to-peer predicting competitions. The platform does not work with traditional bookmakers but allows players to play against each other, based on personal requirements.

It is very simple as users can place a wager on one or more events, specifying the minimum stake and how the wins will be distributed. Others join the bet (with their own predictions for the events). After the events, Smart Contracts calculate the winners and distribute EFUN and other tokens according to the agreed-upon split (e.g., winner takes all). It operates as a fully decentralized, secure solution built on Binance Smart Chain.

Learn about EFun with these links:


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- LISTING Time : 16:00 UTC, 22 December 2021

- Token Symbol: $EFUN

- Contract: 0x6746E37A756DA9E34f0BBF1C0495784Ba33b79B4


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