Ebisu’s Bay Embraces Aptos With SeaShrine NFT Marketplace

by BSC News

November 5, 2022


The team behind Ebisu’s Bay, the first and leading NFT Marketplace on Cronos Chain, is launching SeaShrine on the new Aptos chain.

Developers Look to Aptos to Reproduce Cronos Success

The team behind Ebisu’s Bay, the first and leading NFT Marketplace on Cronos Chain, is taking their talents to Aptos.

To celebrate the launch of the new Aptos marketplace, called SeaShrine, the developers are holding a mint for VIP Founding Member Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), including a raffle where three minters can win $APT.

In a Medium post from September, the developers noted that Ebisu’s Bay was created at the launch of Cronos, just like SeaShrine is being created at the launch of Aptos.

“The commitment to excellence that we have at Ebisu’s Bay is directly transferable to our new, Aptos-based endeavour. No difference in quality will exist between the two platforms, as we understand that the success of one is essential for the success of the other,” according to the post. “No matter which blockchain you prefer, we can assure you that our marketplace experience will be the gold standard.”

According to DappRadar, Ebisu’s Bay is the top NFT Marketplace on Cronos and the number four overall Decentralized Application (dApp) on the chain. In the past 30 days, the platform has nearly 6,000 Unique Active Wallets, more than 127,000 transactions, and a volume of nearly $1.7 million, more than double that of its next competitor Minted Network.

Many existing protocols on various blockchains are eyeing the fresh hunting grounds being created by the much-hyped Aptos (the first layer-one network based on the Move programming language originally developed at Facebook).

The biggest dApp to embrace Aptos, so far, is top BNB Chain platform PancakeSwap.

What is Ebisu’s Bay:

Ebisu's Bay is the first NFT marketplace on Cronos. It offers users the opportunity to create, buy, sell, trade and enjoy the Cronos NFT community. Users are invited to become creators and members of the growing marketplace.

Find out more about Ebisu’s Bay:

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