DogeBNB.org Sets 20-Year Vesting on Team Tokens.

The locking period helps to assure the public of the team’s long term commitment to the project.

20-Year Disbursement

The DogeBNB.org team has decided to unlock all team tokens over 20 years. 10% of the whole supply - 64 Billion DogeBNB is now locked and will be unlocked within four patches. 16 Billion DogeBNB will be unlocked every 5 years.   

We completely agree with CZ that it is essential for the teams to have a long-term commitment. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a single day. For good things to happen, it does take some time.

We believe that even 10 years is not sufficient. So, we have made the decision to lock the team tokens for a time period of 20 years. The release date of DogeBNB tokens’ last batch will be December 18th, 2041. We'll catch up with you there!

20-Year Unlocking Schedule

Our team is dedicated to building and developing DogeBNB, along with its community over the years. The DogeBNB.org token is not going away soon and is here to stay. We are optimistic that we will be able to resolve some real issues in the world and make the world a better place to live for all. Stay tuned!

What is the DogeBNB.org Token?

DogeBNB.org token is popularly known as DogeBNB. DogeBNB was launched via fair distribution Initial  DEX Offering (IDO) on Julpad, 70% of the supply was allocated to the community. It was initially launched as a meme currency that is powered by DogeBNB Nft and the Binance Smart Chain platform. 

Launched in September 2021, it is becoming an ambassador of Binance Smart Chain. It is a community currency that is helping to add new members to the Binance ecosystem. It also plays a major role in building exciting and new innovations for the community. DogeBNB not only brings innovations but also provides the masses with a number of Binance Smart Chain benefits. It allows people to enjoy cheap and ultrafast transactions anywhere in the globe.

The decentralized meme coin comes from the people to the people in order to serve the people. Known as a people’s coin, the DogeBNB token has a number of diverse token holders who have different levels of income and come from different backgrounds. The token holders of DogeBNB include Twitter influencers, TikTok content creators, students, teachers, nurses, YouTubers, startup founders, and many others. The age, race, gender, or other personal characteristics do not define the token holders. Instead, what defines the token holders is the common urge to have fun in the crypto space with DogeBNB.

The element that sets DogeBNB apart from other tokens in the crypto space is the way in which it leverages community-driven gamification in order to enhance its market cap. Community members are empowered with the ability to complete missions and successfully unlock millions of $DogeBNB tokens.

DogeBNB is basically a blockchain research project that leverages blockchain technology in order to introduce new-age Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and finance in the world. The DogeBNB token is the DogeBNB NFT platform’s core element. It is a utility token employed to issue NFT-s. A portion of the platform fees goes towards burning and buying back tokens.

DogeBNB Innovation

Here are some of the prominent innovations of DogeBNB tokens.

1. Launched on Binance Smart Chain

2. Fair launch token

3. Distributed through a fair distribution model

4. Peer-to-peer

5. Ultrafast and global payments

6. Driven by community

7. Backed with NFTs

8. Transaction cost ~ 0.1$

Benefits of DogeBNB Tokens

DogeBNB is in the early stage, has a low market capitalization, and is listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. If you are a low cap gem hunter or an early adopter, DogeBNB is the perfect option for you. The liquidity of the token is locked forever. Moreover, 37% of the DogeBNB tokens are burned forever.

Yet another benefit of DogeBNB is that the rewards keep coming. Right from pure airdrops to milestone-based campaigns, it allows people to unlock DogeBNB tokens, mystery boxes, Bitcoin, BNB tokens, and partner offerings from different BSC coins.

Transparency, absolute diversity, fairness, and rich content are what make DogeBNB tokens different and popular in the crypto space.

How to Buy DogeBNB?

A number of currencies are harder to acquire in comparison to others in the crypto space. One among them is DogeBNB.org. It isn’t available on some apps. However, it is tradeable and available on a number of exchange platforms. Some of the popular platforms include PancakeSwap, Azbit, and Coinsbit.

PancakeSwap is an ideal choice for users. However, it is important to remember that cryptocurrency is risky. So, you need to invest a great deal of time in carrying out proper research in order to choose the right platform. When you are selecting a platform to buy DogeBNB, make sure to consider factors such as security level, liquidity, and reliability. Only after you do your research and look at these factors consider creating an account. 

Once you have selected the desired platform, the final step is to buy DogeBNB.org tokens. Every platform works in a different manner. Make sure to understand the approach of the chosen platform and accordingly move forward. Double-check the smart contracts for the best outcomes.

DogeBNB is here to stay. Now that you have detailed information about the meme token, you are ready to dive into the community-friendly project!

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