Ditto Money Recap: DITTO Token Smashes All Metrics

Trainer Chad has been very busy creating innovative products for DITTO Money right here on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This continues to hold true as this elastic supply token has experienced enormous growth in the past weeks.

February 15, 2021


Trainer Chad has been very busy creating innovative products for DITTO Money right here on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This continues to hold true as this elastic supply token has experienced enormous growth in the past weeks.

Ditto Money

Ditto Money is the first elastic supply token protocol on the BSC. The token targets a $1 equilibrium, achieved through "rebases." You can read more info in one of my previous articles HERE.

The Ditto Money team has not slowed innovation since their initial launch on the BSC. PancakeSwap (PCS) organized the Initial Farm Offering (IFO) and token sale on December 23rd; this launch was a great success, as all coins were sold and targets were met. In my previous article HERE you can read more about how the IFO and sale were organized.

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Ditto's latest campaign, triple (compound) staking, was also a very successful campaign; the DITTO Money team decided to do a second round after massive initial success. The idea behind this was that long-term stakes were rewarded by letting them keep their multipliers from the first event, which is a lovely gesture towards loyal users. But don’t worry, there's more; it seems like Trainer Chad doesn't sleep, always busy creating events and new partnerships.

You can find more about compound staking HERE in my previous article.

Trading Competition

After a successful first round of the $10,000 trading competition held on PancakeSwap, the Ditto Money team decided to organize a second round of the trading competition. The event will be for a duration of 10 days and starts on February 12th until February 22th.

All you have to do to be eligible is trade $1,000 worth of $DITTO on the DITTO/BNB pair; this can be done by buying or selling. The rewards will be based on your proportional trade volume; the more volume you trade, the more percentage of the $10,000 reward allocation you receive. Rewards will be airdropped 24-48 hours after the event ends.

JetFuel and Beefy Vaults

You can also choose to use a yield optimizer service; this way, your LP will auto compound. This saves users time while exponentially growing their positions using smart contracts. For the DITTO/BNB pair, you can choose to either put your LP on Beefy.finance or JetFuel.finance

JetFuel Partnership

On top of the exceptionally high yields, the Ditto Money team provided additional incentives. This comes in partnership with the JetFuel team. This JetFuel vault distributes additional Ditto-BNB LPs to users using farmed CAKE and Ditto’s BNB contribution. The new V2 contract features a seamless migration, and it has also been audited by Vidar the Auditor, which can be found HERE.

For those who wish to learn more about JetFuel.Finance check out the following article:

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So why is the reward better on the JetFuel vault? The Ditto money team has boosted the vault by providing 150 $BNB. This means that an extra $18,750 is available weekly for rewards.

Yes, very friendly, I'm starting to like Trainer Chad and his team. If you are still staking in the v1 vault on JetFuel, you should unstake and re-stake in the new v2 vault; this will give you better rewards.

Ditto Summary

It has been an incredible week for Ditto Money, reaching an all-time high market cap of $20,000,000 on February 11th while simultaneously holding the most 24-hour volume on that day. As you probably know, Ditto is a growing rebase token, so it is quite an accomplishment for Ditto to flip well-known tokens such as Ampleforth. Base and DIGG.

Choosing to launch on the BSC has proven a brilliant move by the Ditto Money team. The low transaction fees and times are significant for a project like Ditto Money, as users have to trigger the rebase function that involves gas fees. For example, on the Ethereum Network, a rebase function can cost hundreds of dollars, while here on the BSC, the cost for a rebase action is negligible.

Now have some fun, play with the rebase mechanism, and (hopefully) make some money

For more information, or if you wish to stay up to date on the project, check out project and media pages:





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