DIDSwap - Reaching New Heights in DeFi Value

DID aims to become a benchmark of value in DeFi 4.0, creating an economic community for the Web3 era through continuous innovation and collaboration.

Since the launch of the limited NFT airdrop in the global DID ecosystem, the community has been experiencing a surge in popularity, attracting widespread attention from institutions and capital entities within the industry. With the DID ecosystem going live on PancakeSwap on June 16, 2023, following a comprehensive audit of its contract code by the renowned auditing firm "CertiK," various measures such as token burning, open-source code, and locked liquidity pool have been implemented to ensure the security of assets for global users.


DID is an ecosystem built on the ETH-L2 public chain by the American DID DAO in 2023. It possesses advanced blockchain technology and incorporates cutting-edge DeFi centralization financial concepts through a unique governance mechanism. DID is dedicated to building an application ecosystem exclusively for DID, with Swap as its starting point. Developers can aggregate applications for project development, project expansion, token trading, and NFT trading within this ecosystem, providing global users with a more compliant, efficient, trustworthy, fair, professional, and high-quality advanced DeFi 4.0 ecosystem.

DID aims to rapidly accumulate 100,000+ users through a series of decentralized, fair, and just methods, such as token burning, open-source code, and contract lock-ups, based on its self-built million-level USDT initial liquidity pool. This will provide a solid guarantee for the DID ecosystem 2.0 and future metaverse systems in terms of asset interaction and scenario interaction.

By leveraging the development of DeFi 4.0 and blockchain technology, DID will accelerate the circulation of its ecosystem by launching DIDSwap as the foundation for ecosystem construction. It will globally establish a community-driven ecosystem based on the DID DAO concept and gradually increase investments in the metaverse and WBE3 fields. The plan is to map all applications to the DID public chain once the public chain system matures, continuously expand application scenarios, lower entry barriers, and provide global users with convenient, high-performance, low-cost, and seamless encrypted asset financial services. The goal is to achieve the flow of value with fair asset pricing and instant settlement.


DID will adhere to the trend of innovation and integration-based iteration, aiming to become a benchmark of value in the era of DeFi 4.0. The future DID ecosystem will drive the innovation and development of digital industry value interaction, continuously explore and lead the direction and trends of the industry, and create more high-quality assets and sustainable ecological value for users and industry stakeholders.


Currently, with its perfect mechanisms and multiplier gameplay, DID has quickly accumulated over 50,000 users. The DID ecosystem will also lead the new hotspots of DeFi 4.0+DAO+Web3.0, seeking common ground while embracing differences through continuous innovation and reform.

Together with users, it will share the transformative power brought about by technological iterations, standing at the forefront of the era. Joining hands with consensus builders worldwide, DID will create new heights for DeFi values and construct an economic community for the Web3 era!

For more information about DIDSwap visit the website, join the community on Telegram, and follow their official Twitter for regular updates.

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