Dfox AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts Dfox, a platform that enables you to see all your crypto finances in one place and manage DeFi assets. All questions answered by Huhu@Dfox (@Dfoxapp)

Kamran Iqbal
March 4, 2021

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): First off, let's welcome Dfox team to BSC News for an AMA. Its my pleasure to be hosting this AMA.

Huhu@Dfox: The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for having us here.

Q1 To start off, do let the audience know more about you and your team and roles in Dfox

Huhu@Dfox: Hi,everyone. I am head of community development at Dfox. Dfox has a small team consists of experienced developers and venture capitalist. We are all all-rounders, there is no specific role for each member.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): means all of you are very capable too 

Q2 what are the past experience that you have before setting up dfox?

Huhu@Dfox: Our team members have 5+ years of experience in crypto space as developers or investors, previously worked on game dapps, quantitative crypto trading platforms and etc. We are also early DeFi farmers, we need a tool like Dfox to track and manage our DeFi activities. There exists no mobile-first chain-agnostic DeFi aggregator, so we decide to develop this tool and provide it to all.

Q3 That brings me to the next questions.. Tell us more about the project itself, what does it provide to the users?

Huhu@Dfox: Dfox is a chain-agnostic crypto portfolio tracker. It enables you to see all your crypto finances in one place, auto-track multiple crypto wallets and manage DeFi assets. We aim to make open finance equally accessible for all. Our app was officially launched in Jan, 2021 after 3 months small group testing. We now support 5 blockchains, 20+ DeFi projects and major NFT standards.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): wow thats an amazing development in just a few months

Q4 I believe Dfox is not just on BSC Network? what other networks?

Huhu@Dfox: Besides BSC, we have added support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and WAX. In 2021, we will continue to support new blockchains. Please stay tuned 😊

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): those are high traffic networks too, no wonder you guys are busy

Huhu@Dfox: We have several nodes for each chain. lots of maintenance work to do

Q5 talking about nodes, which do you guys use archival nodes or some others? do educate us on that

Huhu@Dfox: We run light nodes for most chains. A lot of dapps use third-party service or free nodes. We can not, we have too many requests every second Public nodes can not handle our demand

Q6 that would also mean you need to pay for the nodes that are used,  so how does the project generate income for that and continuous development ?

Huhu@Dfox: Till this moment, this project is completely self-funded. We already secured some additional funding from investors in our seed round. Pro version will be available in Q2. Users can pay for subscription to unlock pro version. Subscription will not be our main revenue stream. We want to make it affordable. Team is exploring other possible ways to generate revenue

Q7 I see thats good stuff to have fundings, you said about plans to generate revenue, what are the possible ways for that? besides a paid service

Huhu@Dfox: Token swap transaction fee, NFT sales and etc.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): big plans indeed!

Huhu@Dfox: Pro subscription will come first to generate some revenue for further development. You know all my secret now

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): hahaa we will get back to this later for sure

Q8 what are the toughest moment in running the project?

Huhu@Dfox: There were few tough moments. The most difficult one was that we had to reject lots of requests from our users and projects, especially about DeFi project integration. In many cases, it’s not that we do not want to do the integration. It’s simply impossible to integrate them all with limited manpower. I want to address that project integration is 100% free. We do not charge any fee from projects.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): Yes totally understand that free service, but do the projects understand what API they should provide ? cause i think i was confused when i was initially working with ya

Huhu@Dfox: Yes, that was different. Some confused us with defistation. They wanted TVL data. Our doc is clear. However, it will require some development from teams. Some teams may not want to put that much effort to provide this API. We plan to simplify this to make data integration a lot easier for teams

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): thats good news and also will help both sides when integrating them

Q9 you spoke about defistation, and we know theres yieldwatch too, Whats sets dfox apart from these other competitors or they are totally different from Dfox?

Huhu@Dfox: We've done most of the integration. Some used APIs directly from projects. Compound, we used their API. They have detailed doc about it. Very fast integration. Yieldwatch is a good tool to track your defi position on BSC. For Dfox, We are chain-agnostic from day 1. With Dfox, you are getting a holistic view of your crypto finances anytime, anywhere. It’s simple to use, fully automated and free. Even with upcoming pro version, our app will remain an affordable tool.Wallet balance, DeFi position, NFT tracking, multichain, multiwallet support and etc, a true all-in-one app

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): yes i use it too and its a great app to have!

Q10 how can a project reach out to dfox to be added on their list?

Huhu@Dfox: Project can reach out via email, twitter and other official channels to get project info listed on discover page. If a project wants to get their data integrated, the fastest way is to do it via open platform ( See details : https://docs.dfox.cc/openplatform/getting-started). This will require some development effort from projects.  At this moment, we only take requests from our users in regards to DeFi project data integration. We will add those projects to our watchlist and support the ones with most requests.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): oh yes you have agressive users too i remember ahaha very passionate about supporting projects to be on Dfox

Huhu@Dfox: For autofarm, i think i received 100+ emails and countless requests on twitter to support it. Lol

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): hahhaa great times

Q11 are there any marketing plans in place for dfox?

Huhu@Dfox: In Q2 2021, we will have a series of marketing events. Right now, our main focus is on product development and performance improvements. We need to work on our severs to handle more traffic

Q12 you spoke about the NFT and swap fees, what is the immediate thing that is being develop right now in Dfox?

Huhu@Dfox: We are integrating web3 services into our app. Of course, some pro functions are under development. Team is constantly working on server performance optimization to handle traffic increase. That's urgent

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): im sure with smooth operations, users will be happier too

Huhu@Dfox: Yes, it will give us more time to do other work.

Q12 whats the short term goals that you wanna accomplish? besides optimizing the performance of the server?

Huhu@Dfox: 100K monthly active users by the end of 2021. I have confidence that we can achieve that.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): thats a good number and im sure you can achieve it well before end of 2021!

Huhu@Dfox: Hopefully, i think we can do it

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): i like the confidence too!

Q13 Do you have a roadmap that can be shared to the audience of dfox? like long term plans and when do we expect them..

Huhu@Dfox: Our roadmap is not public yet. We are still finalizing it. One exciting thing I want to share is that we are building towards an open platform. Developers from other projects and communities will be able to build on Dfox. We will provide useful API/SDK to developers. Users will be able to customize their DeFi management experience. It's similar to add-ons

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): wow that must be exciting for the project owners and devs

Huhu@Dfox: We actually got the idea from some community dev. They want to help with some functions

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): nothing beats listening to the community and growing together with them in this space we share!

Huhu@Dfox:  Indeed

Q14 Share with us all the links to dfox social media/TG etc, so that we can read more or find out more about the project.

Huhu@Dfox: Dfox is available on iOS and Android. You can find our app by searching Dfox on Apple Store or Play Store.

Our official website: https://dfox.cc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dfoxapp

Telegram: https://t.me/DfoxOfficial

Email: info@dfox.cc

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Q15 my last question to you, is there any more alphas or exciting news that you can share with us on Dfox development? besides what you have shared so far?

Huhu@Dfox: That was all i think. We will have pro version, developer API/SDK, more blockchains & DeFi project integration coming

Crypto Shrimp (AMA HOST): not to worry i know you have give us alot of insight already, just wanna check if we missed out any juicy news 🙂 Thank you for spending time here in BSC News and letting us learn more about your project!  The AMA transcript will be done shortly. Wishing you and your project all the best ! and hope you have enjoyed the AMA

Huhu@Dfox: Thanks Crypto Shrimp

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