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Decentraland Hosts AsiaVerse Art Week 2022

Decentraland hosted NFT projects from across Asia, including Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines during the AsiaVerse art festival.

Decentraland Features NFT Projects From Asia

Japan’s Nagoya Castle, the Philippines’ Aguinaldo Shrine, and Indonesia’s Rumah Gadang traditional homes were on display in Decentraland.

The metaverse project hosted the AsiaVerse Decentraland Art Week 2022 festival that lasted until Sept. 4. AsiaVerse partnered with MediaDAO, Utopia Family and Bored Punks of Society (BPoS) to feature different NFT projects from across Asia inside the metaverse.

Indonesia featured projects like Si Juki, Karafuru and Mindblowon Universe.

Japan’s delegates were CryptoNinja, and artwork by BA Ukiyoe.

The Philippines showcased Bored Punks of Society, Aswang Tribe, and art inspired by a Netflix series, Trese.

Screenshot from Decentraland
“One of BPoS’s aspirations is to be a gateway in showcasing the beauty of the Filipino NFT Communities in the Metaverse Space,” Bethany Laurente, Head of Campaigns for BPoS, told BSCNews. “Hosting the Art Gallery for the Philippines was a bonus part for us [to] represent our country. We only had one mission in from the start, to educate our fellow Filipinos with the beauty of Crypto, NFTs, Investing, Web3 and the Metaverse. On top of that, we wanted to show the rich culture, history, and arts of the Philippines and how Filipinos are real craftsmen in nature even in the digital and Web3 scene.”
Inside Aguinaldo Shrine in Decentraland Art Week 2022

As of writing, Nagoya Castle was taken down but both the Aguinaldo Shrine and Rumah Gadang traditional homes were still accessible on Decentraland.

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