CZ Responds to Criticism of $3M Donation to Earthquake-Hit Morocco

by BSC News

September 18, 2023


CZ acknowledged that the crypto community's actions might be met with skepticism, particularly from traditional charity organizations unacquainted with the realm of digital assets.

CZ Reveals Impact of Binance's $3M Crypto Donation

In the wake of the recent $3 million crypto donation by Binance Charity to aid Morocco after a devastating earthquake, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, has offered insights and responses to the criticisms that emerged.

While the donation received overwhelmingly positive user feedback, CZ acknowledged that the crypto community's actions might face skepticism, especially from traditional charity organizations unfamiliar with digital assets.

Critiques and CZ's Responses

CZ outlined five common issues raised by critics and provided clear responses to each:

Immediate Needs: Critics emphasized the need for essential items like food and water, not cryptocurrency. CZ acknowledged this and underscored that Binance Charity operates dual programs. In addition to crypto assistance, the organization has a history of providing essential items such as food, water, masks, and even oxygen tanks during crises, like aiding COVID-19 victims in India. He highlighted the speed advantage of crypto donations in offering immediate help.

Cash vs. Crypto: Some critics argue that people require cash more than cryptocurrency. CZ countered this by pointing out that cryptocurrency can be rapidly converted into cash, particularly for crypto users. 

Limited Beneficiaries: CZ agreed that the donation may benefit only Binance users. However, he explained that Binance Charity aims to help where possible, even if the assistance is limited in scope. 

Geographic Precision: Concerns were raised about users receiving donations despite not residing in affected areas. CZ clarified that Binance employs a tiered system, with users closer to the earthquake's epicenter receiving more aid. 

Traditional Charities vs. Crypto: CZ highlighted that Binance collaborates with traditional charity organizations worldwide, emphasizing that charity donations need not be mutually exclusive. He also pointed out challenges with traditional charities, including a lack of traceability.

The Binance CEO emphasized the transparency enabled by cryptocurrency donations, allowing for precise impact analysis. He shared that the crypto donation directly assisted approximately 70,000 people in Morocco and an additional 12,000 people in Libya.


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