CyberConnect Surpasses 800K Monthly Users to Become #2 Dapp on BNB Chain

by BSC News

March 22, 2023


CyberConnect was by far the most-used social dApp across all blockchains in the past month.

More than 820K UAWs

Social network protocol CyberConnect zoomed up the BNB Chain charts, increasing its user base nearly seven times over and reaching number 2 on the DappRadar rankings, behind only PancakeSwap.

In the past 30 days, CyberConnect recorded more than 820,000 Unique Active Wallets (UAWs) on BNB Chain.

Source: DappRadar

The decentralized social network protocol enables users to create profiles that travel across Decentralized Applications (dApps), while maintaining ownership of their social graph and content.

CyberConnect has been raising its own profile recently, partnering with BNB Chain to host the Web3 social hackathon Connected 2023.

Thanks to its growth on BNB Chain, CyberConnect has also risen to the top ranking for social dApps on all chains, with nearly 900,000 UAWs across BNB Chain, Ethereum and Polygon. That’s nearly double the second-ranked social dApp Galxe, whose UAW count grew by 36% to nearly 500,000 in the past month.

Meanwhile, BNB Chain digital ID provider Lifeform registered nearly 650,000 UAWs, which is extremely impressive for a new protocol and good for the number three ranking on BNB Chain for the month.

Rounding out the top 5 is social dApp Hooked Protocol whose UAW count increased by 8% in the past 30 days to stand at more than 370,000.

What is CyberConnect:

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol with identity self-sovereignty and network effects. It enables users to create profiles on BNB Chain as the anchor of users’ decentralized identities. Profile owners can travel across dApps seamlessly without worrying about recreating their network on every new platform. With CyberConnect, users own their social graph, content, monetization channels, and more social data. for example is built on CyberConnect and has more than 1,100 verified organization clients, 23k users’ all-in-on link profiles, and 200k monthly active users issued more than 1m social-related transactions on BNB Chain.

Where to find CyberConnect:

Website | Twitter | Discord | GitHub |