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Cube Announces New Vision and Tokenomics

Cube’s vision and roadmap for the near future are highly ambitious that include the launch of a new blockchain network altogether called the CUBE chain.

New Features to Enter the Cube Ecosystem

The metaverse platform, Cube, took another step in its journey to become a one-stop MetaFi ecosystem on the BNB Chain.

The protocol revealed their new vision and tokenomics for Cube 2.0 through a Twitter post on June 13.  The new vision includes the launch of a Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) store, an NFT marketplace, e-commerce, token financial services, a token exchange, the CUBE chain, and the CUBE token. Moreover, there will be the addition of “Contents” on the PC launcher and mobile application that will enable anyone to create a guild or communicate with other users through web broadcasts to form their own fandom, amongst other things.

“The CUBE platform provides an environment where user experience is seamless across multiple contents. We believe that creative interactions can occur by attracting users with various interests within a single platform through a wider portfolio of content from games to webtoons, dramas, media, and music,” stated the protocol’s Medium blog.  “Moreover, social and web streaming functions will strengthen the bond between users and provide a borderless entertainment experience.”
Source: Cube Medium

In addition to the protocol’s upcoming NFT store providing users with an open market store where they can purchase NFT assets, it will also support early user attraction for new content through NFT pre-sales, whose method will be customized for each content. Furthermore, the protocol’s token financial services will be provided in 2 forms, as highlighted below:

  • Game-related services: Users will be able to enhance the number of game tokens acquired within the game by exchanging these assets for CUBE or depositing them on the platform.
  • Ecosystem-related services: The CUBE tokens of users will be collected and deposited in one place to provide appropriate rewards. These funds will serve as the “lubricants” for the ecosystem.

CUBE Chain to Help the Internal Value System

The biggest revelation in this vision was that the protocol would be launching the CUBE Chain. It will be a framework for building and maintaining the CUBE ecosystem. This chain will serve as its own blockchain network for various users in the CUBE network while the ecosystem’s developers and node operators will maintain a close connection with the public chain, i.e., the BNB Chain. 

The CUBE token will be the native token of the network and will be used to pay the transaction fees for utilizing the network for various operations. Essentially, the network users will use CUBE to pay for nodes that process the operation in question.

As previously reported by BSC News, Cube joined the NodeReal ecosystem on June 8 to become the newest Decentralized Application (dApp) on the Binance Application Sidechain (BAS). The protocol chose to build on the BAS since they wanted to bring the same level of expertise that the BNB Chain has to offer while utilizing the extra customizability and stability that the BAS offers. BAS was launched by the BNB developers in order to avoid congestion on the network.

What is Cube:

CUBE is an entertainment and GameFi platform powered by blockchain and developed by Metaverse World, a subsidiary of the largest mobile-gaming company in South Korea, Netmarble. The protocol aims to bring unrivaled entertainment to the Metaverse space through its Play and Earn games. The platform has already unveiled its first game—Golden Bros—to the GameFi space.

Find more about Cube here:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Whitepaper | Github |

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