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Crystl Finance’s V3 Vault Offers Attractive APYs

Crystl Finance offers impressive APYs on Ultra Farm pairs and its new V3 vault for BNB Chain.

High APYs on Vaults and Farms

Crystl Finance is offering impressive APYs through Ultra Farms and its newly launched V3 vault after launching on BNB Chain a few days ago.

Currently, the APY for the V3 vault on the BNB Chain is 137.01% for the METIS-WBNB pair and 58.48% for the $BANANA token. The boosted pairs BUSD-BTCB and WBNB-USDT in Ultra farms are currently yielding at 96.74 % and 140.73%, respectively. The corresponding TVLs are $262365.39 and $502128.97, respectively. 

The V3 vault succeeds the V2 version. The vault is efficient in gas optimization and cost-effective to deploy, as stated in the documentation.

Crystl Finance was launched on BNB Chain to harness the significant volume on the network. ApeSwap also joined Crystl Finance in setting up Ultra Farms to maximize $BANANA earning opportunities. Ultra Farms are used to maximize single token earnings, support prices, and reduce sell pressure. 


What is Crystl Finance:

Crystl Finance is a DeFi protocol built on Polygon, Cronos, and BNB Chain. Its native token has a capped supply of 12,500,000 $CRYSTL, which was agreed upon through a community vote. CRYSTL aims to maximize passive income transparently and securely. It uses Vaults, Revenue Sharing, Bonds, Bridge, and Pools to generate income 24 hours a day.

Learn more about Crystl Finance:

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