CryptoZoon Launches NFT Character Design Contest for Play-to-Earn GameFi Universe

The competition ends in a few day’s time, and users stand a chance to win $1000 worth of prizes.

Utulu Hope
August 15, 2021
BSC News

CryptoZoon Launches Character Design Contest 

CryptoZoon has launched a character design contest for its community. The contest known as the “Zoan design contest” will feature mouth-watering prizes for users as they create the best ZOAN designs.  

In a bid to create more ZOANs and reward users, CryptoZoon has created a ZOAN design contest. The gamified protocol announced the competition details via Twitter on 10th August. In addition, the competition was created for users to vote on the best designs and have a say in the graphics of newly created ZOANs. 

 “Zoan Character Design Contest for CryptoZoon.
Requirement: Create three designs for a Zoan character. 
Prizes: The winners will be rewarded 4 ZOAN ~ $1000 eggs for each selected design.
Designers’ Post must be hashtagged $ZOON @ZoanDesign” 

With the Binance Smart Chain-based Non-fungible Token (NFT) GameFi platform, users can use their ZOANs to fight monsters, collect, grow, and battle with each other. Its native Zoon token is used to acquire ZOANs to take part in its blockchain-based gaming world easily and creatively.
The competition is ongoing and will last for seven days, from August 10 to August 17. Users have already started dropping their designs, and it promises to be an exciting event. 


Zoan Character Design Contest: Details and Participation 

As stated above, the competition has commenced and is approaching the dying stages. The protocol dropped the requirements on its Telegram channel. 

“Requirement: There are three levels to each Zoan character, and each character has its own design; you’ll need to create three designs for each character,” the Telegram post described.

The most liked ZOAN character designs, including CryptoZoon’s picks, will be declared winners, and they will receive 4 ZOAN eggs each ($1000), according to the August 10th Tweet. 

CryptoZoon is excited to see how the community selects the best designs. In this light, the NFT gaming protocol has urged users to cast their votes by liking the best designs on Twitter.

What is CryptoZoon 

CryptoZoon is a complete platform of Digital Creatures Universe built on Binance Smart Chain. The protocol is inspired by Pokemon Story with a core mission to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way.

Where to find CryptoZoon:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit |

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