CryptoBlades Kingdoms Beta Gets Set for Launch

by BSC News

August 15, 2022


The Beta will last for a month as the team collects data to improve the game before the full release.

For Honor and Glory

PlayAndEarn blockchain game on BNB network Cryptoblades is set to launch the Beta version of Cryptoblades Kingdoms .

After a flurry of updates in the previous month, the team tweeted on Aug. 15 that the CBK Beta is set to begin. The Beta will have a one-month timeline wherein players who registered will finally be able to test the game out. Domination, Spies, Trading Posts, Missionaries, and various other game features and graphic updates appear in Beta, but the flagship feature focuses on a social aspect, which are guild tools.

“Our flagship feature in this release is the Guild functionality,” Cryptoblades CEO Philip “Kroge” Devine, told BSC News. “We have a variety of guild customizations, guild management tools, social integrations, and of course this finally allows players to collaborate and send support to each other, or team up for epic battles.”

The CBK team has been hard at work getting ready for the Beta release, which the team says is around 80% complete. Their test environment can hold up to 1,000 concurrent players. The team recommends interested players to join the CBK Discord channel to find ways to enter their Beta whitelist. 

“We've had a significant amount of internal testing since our Alpha in April,” Devine continued. “I personally cannot wait to see the community response to the game, and the team is definitely eager to get it in more players’ hands!”


What Is CryptoBlades Kingdoms:

CryptoBlades Kingdoms is a P2E NFT game built on BNB Chain. The game’s Beta version is still under development, featuring a metaverse of villages, different resources, guilds, dungeons, and more.

The Beta Whitelist is live for interested users looking to play the Beta game. 


Where to find CBK: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram


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