CoreDAO Responds to CakeCore Accusations: “NOT Affiliated”

by BSC News

September 25, 2023


Core DAO discloses that anyone can build on Core and is not affiliated with the CakeCore platform.

Please “DYOR,” CoreDAO Warns Users 

The Core DAO community has recently voiced concerns about the CakeCore project. Many, including the IceCreamSwap DEX, pointed out vulnerabilities in CakeCore's smart contract.

The rising concerns led the Core DAO community to urge the layer one blockchain to look into the CakeCore project, especially after identifying potential scam activities within the protocol.

In response to the widespread concerns, CoreDAO took to X (Twitter) on September 22 to clarify its position. They made it clear that they have no relationship with the CakeCore project by stating they are “NOT Affiliated.”

CoreDAO also highlighted the open nature of its blockchain. They mentioned that since CORE is permissionless, anyone can build on it. As a word of caution, CoreDAO recommends users always conduct thorough research before investing in any platform.

“Remember, Core is permissionless and anyone can build on it.
@cakecore_io is NOT affiliated with Core in any way. Please, DYOR,” the full statement read. 

What is Core DAO:

Core DAO Network is a new Layer one blockchain project, backed by the Satoshi Plus Consensus mechanism, which aims to solve the blockchain Trilemma—Scalability, Security, and Decentralization. The project is new after launching mainnet in early 2023. 

Core DAO is EVM-compatible, looking to provide the ability to migrate and deploy contracts and dApps or transfer tokens between chains. The protocol is backed by its native $CORE token. As with any crypto asset, $CORE is volatile, and carries risk. Users are advised to undertake their own thorough research before investing in $CORE or interacting with its Layer one ecosystem.


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