Core DAO’s New Grant Recipient: Faceless Labs

by BSC News

September 29, 2023


The primary objective behind the builders grant is to empower Faceless Labs to create an exciting mobile game on the Core blockchain.

Core DAO Announces Faceless Labs as New Grant Recipient 

Core DAO, a fast-rising Layer One network in the blockchain space, has recently awarded a builders grant to Faceless Labs, marking a significant development in the GameFi sector. This announcement was made public on September 28 through Core DAO's official X account.

The primary objective behind the grant is to empower Faceless Labs in the creation of an exciting mobile game on Core's Layer One blockchain. However, the precise financial details of this grant remain undisclosed at the time of writing.

Faceless Labs, the beneficiary of this grant, is a dedicated team that has garnered invaluable insights from both triumphs and challenges within blockchain technology, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and Web3

The team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds, including marketing, sales expertise, consultancy, playwriting, teaching, and more. These multifaceted experiences have laid the foundation for Faceless Labs' three core pillars: Consulting, Education, and a robust NFT ecosystem.

With the support of Core DAO's grant, Faceless Labs is set to expand its offerings beyond NFTs, venturing into the exciting world of GameFi on the Layer One blockchain. This strategic move demonstrates their commitment to diversifying and evolving within the blockchain space.

Faceless Labs: How It All Started

The journey of Faceless Labs in the NFT ecosystem commenced with "The Faceless Many," a collection of 8064 randomly generated NFTs that found their home on the Elrond Network. These NFTs, as per the official documentation on its website, “represent the hero in each of us — common people united in the extraordinary effort to write a new financial future.”

Subsequently, Faceless Labs collaborated with fellow builders in the blockchain space, creating the "Allies" collections. Following this, they introduced what they intriguingly termed "our villain project," known as "The Corrupted." 

The Corrupted project marked a significant milestone by introducing the first NFT strategy game on the Elrond Network. Notably, the game incorporated gamified trait rarity, enabling users to choose whether to reveal their NFT's metadata traits or conceal them.

Building on Core DAO 

Generally, Core DAO's grant to Faceless Labs underscores the growing prominence of GameFi within the blockchain industry. With its rich history and diverse team, Faceless Labs aims to bring innovation and excitement to the SatoshiPlus-backed blockchain. 

The journey of "The Faceless Many" and the introduction of "The Corrupted" game serve as a testament to Faceless Labs' commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the NFT, GameFi, and blockchain ecosystem.

What is Core DAO: 

Core DAO Network is a new Layer one blockchain project, backed by the Satoshi Plus Consensus mechanism, which aims to solve the blockchain Trilemma—Scalability, Security, and Decentralization. The project is new after launching mainnet in early 2023. 

Core DAO is EVM-compatible, looking to provide the ability to migrate and deploy contracts and dApps or transfer tokens between chains. The protocol is backed by its native $CORE token. As with any crypto asset, $CORE is volatile, and carries risk. Users are advised to undertake their own thorough research before investing in $CORE or interacting with its Layer one ecosystem.


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