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Connected 2023 Web3 Social Hackathon Unveils 23 Winners

Connected 2023, a Web3 social hackathon by CyberConnect and BNBChain, comes to a close after four weeks of diverse concepts, attracting over 2,000 applicants, and awarding $50,000 in prizes to 23 winning teams.

Best Web3 Social dApps Crowned

Connected 2023, a Web3 social hackathon hosted by CyberConnect and BNB Chain, has successfully wrapped up with 23 winning teams and $50,000 in prizes.

The hackathon, which was held from February 7 to March 9, 2023, received over 2,000 applications from all over the world. The event featured a wide range of concepts, including reputation-based social networks, NFT marketplaces, event ticketing, and creator platforms. Participants received hands-on support from CyberConnect and BNB Chain and feedback and dev support from co-sponsors Notifi, Lit, Livepeer, and XMTP.

The demo day saw 57 projects competing for six categories of bounties, with around $50,000 in prizes and a range of rewards, including mentorship and seed funding opportunities.

The future is bright for Web3 social.

Cyber Connect exclusively revealed the 23 winners to BSC News, with Oasis Origin taking home the best overall social dApp prize, while Phaver and ReadOn scored second and third place, respectively, in the main Best Overall Web3 Social dApp built with CyberConnect&BNB Chain category. Other categories included ‘Rising Stars’ and Best Overall Web3 Social dApp built with CyberConnect & Notifi, Lit Protocol, Livepeer, and XMTP.

Projects were evaluated by industry veterans and judges from top teams, including Multicoin Capital, CoinMarketCap, Sequoia Capital, STEPN, Sky9 Capital, Delphi Digital, SevenX Ventures, Lattice Fund, IOSG Ventures, and LearnWeb3 DAO, on a range of criteria, including business plan, technical complexity, impact, innovation, and user experience.

Winning teams will receive additional support and mentorship to continue developing their projects and adopt new users into Web3 social. CyberConnect will be featuring the winners with an in-depth look into their projects and how they are solving key problems for users in Web3 social.

The recently announced FanClub Loyalty Program by CyberConnect will allow users to engage with the winning projects and earn rewards, helping to bootstrap project communities. BNB Chain will also be providing benefits to the winning hackers, including invitation to join BNB Greenfield Testnet, access to BNB Chain Growth Initiative, and BNB Chain Starter Pack Credits or Discounts.

CyberConnect is planning to hold the next edition of the hackathon and more incubation programs later this year to provide more diverse real use cases and social experiences to mass users. The full list of winners and prizes can be found below.

What is CyberConnect:

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol with identity self-sovereignty and network effects. It enables users to create profiles on BNBChain as the anchor of users’ decentralized identities. Profile owners can travel across dApps seamlessly without worrying about recreating their network on every new platform. With CyberConnect, users own their social graph, content, monetization channels, and more social data. for example is built on CyberConnect and has more than 1,100 verified organization clients, 23k users’ all-in-on link profiles, and 200k monthly active users issued more than 1m social-related transactions on BNB Chain.

Where to find CyberConnect:

Website | Twitter | Discord | GitHub |

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