COGGI NFT Begins Next Release After Initial Success

by BSC News

January 13, 2023


Initial COGGI Coin success has led to the immediate building of the next collection.

New COGGI NFT Collection In Progress

Fahura Digital Arts has announced that the second round of COGGI NFT Coins is in development following the success of its first release.

After initial success selling out the first 10 Magical Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) via Miidas NFT on January 6, Fahura Digital Arts confirmed it is preparing the next generation of COGGI Coins. The creator began announcing the new collection as early as January 7 while pushing the Latin mantra “pro liberiore mundi,” meaning “For a freer world.”

The Presale "Coggi Revolution" Collection NFTs are distributed by creator Fahura Digital Arts while also being powered by Rice Protocol which has a partnership with CoreDAO. Fahura Digital Arts mints the COGGI Coin NFTs as ERC-721 tokens on the CoreDAO testnet.

The Miidas NFT platform has been growing in coordination with the CORE mainnet launch. The CoreDAO team has indicated recently that the mainnet launch is imminent, which will ultimately pave the way for the COOGI NFTs to mint and see the open market.

The floor price for a COGGI Coin is currently at 176 CORE, proving that the hype for COGGI and CORE is continuing to grow. The first collection contained an array of various images on different coins associated to gems and jewels.

Reminder: CORE mainnet has not launched a mainnet, and the coin does not have a corresponding value.

Fahura Digital Arts is currently requesting community feedback to engage users and see out the launch of the Core Mainnet. Voting is still open, as of the time of writing, to vow for the frequency of Coggi community activity.

Fahura Digital Arts is also the author of some llama NFTs that match with the COOGI Coins. The COGGI Llamas are available on Polygon and host some belligerent and goofy characters. These wild llamas go for high prices too!

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