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China Connection: Wombat Touts Hong Kong Ties, Chinese AMA

Wombat Exchange wants everyone to know their team is largely Hong Kong-based, and that they are hosting a Chinese AMA with Helio Protocol on Wednesday.

Chinese AMA With Helio Protocol

The potential reemergence of China into the cryptocurrency sector has Web3 projects across the globe advertising or rediscovering their links to the world’s largest country. Recently, Wombat Exchange reminded everyone that the BNB Chain stablecoin swap is largely Hong Kong-based, and promoted a Chinese language AMA with Helio Protocol.

The official Wombat Exchange account retweeted a post from August 2022 where a KPMG and HSBC analysis ranked the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol among the “Leading 10 Emerging Giants” in Hong Kong. Other crypto entities on the list included Catheon Gaming, Hex Trust, First Digital Trust and HKbitEX.

On Wednesday, Wombat Exchange and $HAY destablecoin issuer Helio Protocol are holding a Chinese AMA on Twitter.

What Is Wombat Exchange:

Wombat Exchange is a multi-chain stableswap focused on fueling DeFi growth and promoting its product’s scalability, accessibility, and efficiency in the multi-chain space. The protocol allows users to swap stablecoins at minimal slippage and stake at maximum yield.

For more information about Wombat Exchange, visit the following media links:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium | Telegram

What is Helio Protocol:

Helio Protocol is a decentralized over-collateralized lending and liquid staking platform on the BNB chain. HAY is the protocol’s native destablecoin over-collateralized by BNB and is redeemable for US $1 worth of BNB. Its use cases include borrowing HAY at a collateral ratio ~152% (~66% LTV) by depositing BNB as collateral on the protocol, liquidity mining on LP DEXes, a means of payment to transfer value for goods & services.

To learn more about Helio Protocol, visit the following links:

Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Website | Whitepaper

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