ChesterMoon: An Autonomous Yield and Liquidity Generation Protocol

Despite what looks like a sell-off yesterday following the renewed circulation of the usual China FUD, there has been an indication of large buyers taking advantage of this dip.

Wilfred Victor
May 22, 2021

What is ChesterMoon?

ChesterMoon is a fork of the SafeMoon protocol, utilizing the RFI mechanics then integrating it into their token model. The platform has been audited by top crypto auditor TechRate and showing promising signs as it is already listed on Coingecko.


The project is a fair launched project. Its native token, Chester Coin, is a deflationary and reflectionary token with an 8% charge per transaction. Every time the user transacts with the coin (buy/sell/transfer), 8% is charged, 5% split to the locked liquidity pool on PancakeSwap, and the remaining 3% is split into holders' reward.

Key Features

  • Auto locked liquidity
  • Auto reward/passive income
  • Deflationary

Project Component

ChesterMoon is a community-owned project; this means that the platform LP tokens were burnt at the project’s launch, and the ownership was renounced to the community. Thus the community is guaranteed an ever-present LP pool on the PancakeSwap exchange, and the chances of getting rug pulled are slim.

Auto Locked Liquidity

As earlier mentioned, 5% of the 8% charge is split into a Liquidity Provision (LP) pool, ensuring ever-present liquidity for trades at all times. With more liquidity comes an increase in the price of the token over time. And as mentioned earlier, the LP has been burnt, i.e., no one can withdraw/rugpull at any time, and the ownership transferred to the community. 

Auto Reward/Passive Income

In ChesterMoon, you don’t have to stake/move your token to receive rewards. Rewards are distributed automatically and frictionless each time a transaction is being made. 3% is distributed to the holders of the token as a reward for holding. No longer will holders take the risk of connecting their wallet to a website and locking their tokens to receive rewards as all of that are taken care of within the control of holders.


The token supply is an ever constantly reducing mode. At launch, the team burnt 45% of the total supply. And as with the 8% charge, the 5% added back to the LP pool is locked forever. The deflationary attribute of the token makes it a continuously valuable token for a long time.

Chester Coin on Bscan

At the time of this review, the token has slammed 36k holders, as seen on Bscan. The token is listed on the Coingecko coin tracker platform and has got numerous YouTube review from influencers and token holders in the space;

CTRFI on LiveCoin

The token has been added to LiveCoin Watch and can be tracked with all of the information in real-time.


$CTRFI is a fork of SafeMoon using the RFI as a reward mechanics to improve liquidity and value over time.

Total Supply - $CTRFI

  • Marketing - $CTRFI
  • Initial liquidity - 2BNB
  • 5% fee auto add to the liquidity pool to locked forever when selling
  • 3% fee auto distribute to all holders (The lower overall penalty for buying/selling should resolve cross-exchange pricing issues)
  • 45% burned at launch. With a strong burn and a 5% LIQ fee, diamond hands will be rewarded.
  • Smart Contract


ChesterMoon Roadmap

Q1 2021

  • Safe launch (LP BURN) (Done)
  • BURNED 45% of the total supply (Done)
  • Promotion from YouTube bloggers (Done)
  • Listing on Coingecko (Done), Coinmarketcap (soon)
  • Smart contract audit (Done)

Q2 2021

  • Community votes, events, and competitions (soon)
  • Secret new mission launch (soon)
  • NFT staking & mining (soon) 
  • Listing on established exchanges (soon)
  • Further ecosystem development (soon)

ChesterMoon will launch their unique NFT mining and staking in the 2nd Quarter. Further project development is planned, such as community events, competitions, and potential new listings on established exchanges.

Concluding Thoughts

ChesterMoon has placed significant value on the community and the token growth. This defines its core purpose and the reason behind the RFI and deflationary mechanism of the token.


As part of the project plan, they have stepped up their marketing game. A Coinmarketcap listing is planned as discussed by the project team via Twitter. This is alongside the many more plans underway.

Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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