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Check Out Some Top BNB Chain NFT Collections on OpenSea

BNB Chain NFTs highlighted on OpenSea include Truth NFT, SPACE ID, Baby Bab Family, PancakeSquad and PixelSweeper.

Top BNB Chain NFTs on OpenSea

The recent integration of top NFT marketplace OpenSea with BNB Chain is a massive development for the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem.

Let’s take a look at some of the top BNB Chain NFT collections highlighted on OpenSea:

  • Truth NFT
  • SPACE ID - .bnb
  • Baby BAB Family
  • PancakeSquad
  • PixelSweeper

Truthseekers NFT

Launched in October, Truthseekers NFT currently has the largest 24-hour (140 BNB) and 7-day volumes (260 BNB) listed on OpenSea among BNB Chain NFTs.

The utility-oriented NFT gives holders access to the Truth cybersecurity ecosystem.

SPACE ID - .bnb

SPACE ID - .bnb has also broken the 100 BNB mark in terms of 7-day volume.

The SPACE ID NFT gives each holder a unique .bnb domain name that can be used as an identifier across crypto and social media.

Baby BAB Family

In contrast to the previous two NFTs, Baby BAB Family is a classic profile picture collection that also provides benefits to BabySwap’s metaverse Baby Wonderland.

Baby BAB Family is listed as the top trending BNB Chain project on OpenSea.

Source: OpenSea


PancakeSquad is a pre-eminent NFT collection on BNB Chain. The PancakeSwap-repping bunnies appear on the new “BNB Chain NFT spotlight” on the OpenSea homepage.

Source: OpenSea


PixelSweeper is another dominant BNB Chain NFT collection, where holders are eligible to receive other BNB Chain NFTs that are “swept” by the PixelSweeper project.

The collection of robots is also highlighted on the OqpenSea homepage.

Source: OpenSea

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