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Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Mind Network, Polarys, Festa do Taipe

Smart contract oracle network Chainlink added a new BUILD program member and provided services to two very different NFT projects.

Data Privacy, Sports NFTs, New Year’s Party

Boom or bust, Chainlink continues to build relationships throughout the Web3 ecosystem. This week, the dominant smart contract oracle network announced partnerships with a “privacy-preserving data lake,” a sports Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project, and a New Year’s Eve Party in Brazil.

In this week’s roundup:

Mind Network Joins BUILD

Mind Network has joined the Chainlink BUILD program to accelerate the adoption of its decentralized privacy-preserving data lake.

“We’re thrilled to join Chainlink BUILD, which will help drive the adoption of our decentralized privacy-preserving data lake. The Chainlink Network underpins the smart contract economy, and its support will help grow our platform,” Mind Network CEO Mason Song said in a Medium post. “Ultimately, joining Chainlink BUILD will help us provide the Web3 ecosystem with a more reliable and secure data lake solution.”

Mind Network seals users’ data into encrypted data ledgers with tokenized access control. Including end-to-end encryption, the data lake is built for a multi-chain, multi-storage, and multi-cloud Web.

“We’re excited to have Mind Network join the Chainlink BUILD program to help boost the growth of their decentralized data lake solution. The enhanced access to Chainlink’s industry-standard services and support from Chainlink Labs will help support Mind Network in fulfilling their mission of building a Web3 ecosystem underpinned by data privacy and ownership,” Chainlink Build Global Head Oliver Birch said.

By joining BUILD, Mind Network will gain access to new Chainlink alpha and beta products, dedicated technical support and more. In return, Mind Network has committed 3% of its total token supply to Chainlink service providers over time.

Chainlink for Multichain NFT Minting and Launchpad

Polarys has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds to help convert digital assets to USD when users mint community NFTs and make transactions on the platform’s NFT marketplaces.

“We’ve chosen Chainlink because of its expertise and credibility in the industry. By bridging off and on-chain data, Chainlink’s infrastructure can enable Polarys’ to become the market leader in NFT memberships for athletes, clubs, and sports brands,” Polarys CEO and Co-Founder Selin Suntay said in a Medium post.

Polarys enables athletes, clubs, and sports brands to launch NFT memberships for their fan bases. The protocol’s Multichain Minting Engine lets new crypto users mint NFTs without bridging funds. The Polarys Launchpad allows organizations to build utility NFT collections without having to write code.

New Year’s Eve Party NFT Collection

Taipe Experience has integrated VRF on Ethereum and Polygon to help create a fair minting process for the Langoo! NFT collection, which is accessible to Festa do Taipe 23 ticket holders.

“Exciting and unexpected experiences in Web3 are underpinned by Chainlink VRF. In order to make our Festa do Taipe New Year’s party even more exciting, we’re using VRF to help distribute Langoo! NFTs to attendees,” Taipe Experience Founder Luiz Eurico said in a Medium post.

Festo do Taipe 23 is an exclusive New Year’s Eve party held in the small beach town of Trancoso in the Brazilian state of Bahia. The Langoo! NFTs will be distributed to ticket holders and sold to people that may not attend the party. The NFTs will give holders access to online and offline benefits, such as playlists and experiences at other music events.

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