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Byte Size Blockchain with CertiK: What is Anonymity versus Pseudonymity

Is anonymity or pseudonymity better for user protection? Could the answer surprise you?

Blockchain Anonymity versus Pseudonymity

The concept of personal identity and the layers in which users are willing to divulge details varies across Web3 and the cryptocurrency industry. There are a growing number of ways users can conceal identities to protect privacy.

Two common concepts of identity concealment are anonymity and pseudonymity. But is one of these two more efficient at protecting identity?

Take from the security experts at CertiK in the Byte Size Blockchain explainer. Learn the difference between anonymity and pseudonymity in just one minute!

What is CertiK:

CertiK is a blockchain security firm that helps projects identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities in blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 applications using its services, products, and cybersecurity techniques.

Where to find CertiK:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | YouTube

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