BSC’s Most Valuable Builder Program Appoints Allstar Mentor Committee

Binance Smart Chain has appointed Sky9 Capital, Chainlink Labs, Certik, and Multicoin Capital among others to mentor the Most Valuable Builder projects.

Robert D. Knight
September 23, 2021
BSC News

Allstar Mentors

Binance Smart Chain is putting the Most Valuable Builder incubation program into action with an allstar mentor committee. The goal is to furnish MVB projects with valuable insights and training from exceptional thinkers within the industry.

Sky9 Capital, Chainlink Labs, Certik, C.R.E.A.M Finance, and PeckShield are among 16 major companies which have been tasked to help Binance Smart Chain projects soar. The success of the previous programs should be a welcoming sign to all projects.

"By providing acceleration, bug bounties and incubation opportunities, we're setting a runway for BSC projects to take off," said Gwendolyn Regina, Director at BSC Accelerator Fund in a tweet on September 20th.

Mentor companies will be expected to offer more than advice and support however. They will also be tasked with judging which projects rise to become ‘monthly star’ award winners. 

The monthly stars of MVB in August | Source

Multicoin Capital, which Binance Smart Chain has also invited to join its mentor committee, also shares strong links to Solana. In July of 2019, Multicoin Capital led a $20 million seed round for the speed-focused blockchain. 

Even Kyle Samani, the Managing Partner of Multicoin Capital, goes by the name ksam.sol on Twitter, reflecting his ongoing interest in the rival network, Solana.

The Full Mentor List

Sky9 Capital

Neo Global Capital (NGC)


Animoca Brands

QCP Soteria Node (QSN)

C.R.E.A.M Finance

GSR Markets

Future Money Capital

Chainlink Labs



Altonomy Ventures

IOSG Ventures

Multicoin Capital

Mission Street Ventures

PSP Soteria Ventures (PSV)

For more information about the MVB III program or the mentors involved, head to the official Binance announcement here.

About Most Valuable Builder

The most valuable builder program is a competition which invites top Binance Smart Chain companies to compete for prestige, publicity, and significant prizes. The competition is one of the most important to the BSC ecosystem, with participants often going on to even greater heights. Previous winners of the competition have included such high profile names as AutoFarm, PancakeBunny, and

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Robert D. Knight

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